What exactly are you supposed to do with a dog when it’s pouring down rain? In true bad dog owner fashion I took my dog on ONE single walk yesterday and I’m not quite sure how long he’s been holding his bladder. I locked him outside on the patio trying to get him to pee and apparently pug no likey the rain. It was a standoff that he won of course, because I’m weak and always give in.

Apparently everyone in the world has gotten the summer bod memo. I have never seen more people exercising than I did yesterday. Everywhere I went, people were working out in groups. I feel like it starts clicking when you have to pull that first pair of shorts out of the closet and you go, welp these don’t fit quite the same as they did last year and definitely not as good as the year before. In true healthy fashion, I took a trip to the nice grocery store to stock up a bit for the week. I’ve gotten so much better about the way I grocery shop. My cart used to look like I was preparing for some kind of armageddon or shopping for a family of 10. Then everything would go bad before I could finish it. Now, I keep it to the basics but I don’t like the single person pity I get from the store employees. First it starts at the butcher. “Filet for one” resulted in the, “you sure?” response from the dude helping me. Then when he asks if I would like anything else I say, “you got any turkey burgers?” He says, “yes, how many?” “One. Just one again”, I reply. He looks at me and has the nerve to say, “Aww, just eating alone?”. Yes sir I plan on going home making dinner even though I hate cooking. Then, I’m going to stand alone at the kitchen counter and eat it so the whole process can be over and I can just put the dishes directly in the dishwasher. Yeah, it was a big night.