Does Chris Brown have video proof of his innocence?

Sorry Lady Gaga, YouTube wants some of its views back…How Brandi Glanville got even with cheating ex-hubby…Lindsay Lohan blows off another court date…and Chris Brown and Frank Ocean drama.

My personal pick for Rudest Celebrity Ever, Ashley Judd, is getting divorced. Her race car driving hubby, Dario Franchitti, finally realized that when he jumped in his car to speed away, he was just going in circles. But now Dario has seen the light and found a straight road to take him away from that nightmare he’s been living for 11 years. The couple issued a statement confirming the breakup. Shortly after that, Ashley tweeted:  “Family forever. @dariofranchitti” to which he responded “@ashleyjudd family forever.” Um, no. The only thing that’s forever in this situation is divorce. And Ashley Judd’s a B.

YouTube has removed 156 million of Lady Gaga’s views after they determined the hits were dummied up by hackers and view-count generators. But it’s not just Gaga who took a hit. Beyonce, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson lost millions of views. Leona Lewis lost 24 million. Can her career really afford that?

How did Brandi Glanville get even with Eddie Cibrian when he left her for LeAnn Rimes? In her new book Drinking & Tweeting, Brandi says she went straight to the plastic surgeon’s office for vaginal rejuvenation surgery. And just in case you were thinking you could use a little tightening and brightening up down there, Brandi says that surgery set Eddie back $12K. Yes, she used Eddie’s credit card to pay for what he can never enjoy again.

Chris Brown’s attorney says his client is innocent. He didn’t punch on Frank Ocean or anybody else and there’s surveillance video to prove it. But what’s up with that cast on Chris’ right hand? Huh. Frank also claims his hand was injured in the fight outside an LA recording studio. He says his finger was cut. And guess what I just found out?? This is the same studio where Michael Jackson recorded the song “Bad” — HA!

Lindsay Lohan’s NY attorney said there was no way Lindsay could get on a plane and fly to LA to be in court this morning because she was practically on death’s door with an upper respiratory infection. But after paparazzi caught Lindsay shopping, smoking and partying her way through NYC, prosecutors were THIS CLOSE to asking the judge to issue a warrant for her arrest. Lindsay and her mom, Dina, hopped on the last flight out of NY for LA — first class was the only thing left. Last minute first-class seats??? Lindsay can afford that?? She survived the flight, but then she and her mom couldn’t find a place to stay! They were turned away from two hotels! Did Lindsay make it to court on time? We’ll follow up tomorrow.

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