Drake Gets Booed Off The Stage At A Music Festival

Recent box office sales are not what expected… A lot of fun things happened at the People Choice Awards….Instagram is taking away a popular feature…Miley Cyrus is having surgery… Drake was not very welcome at Tyler, the Creators music festival.

Four new movies debuted in the top four spots this weekend. “Midway” pulled off a surprise win at the box office. It only took in a measly $17.5M, but it was enough to win. The movie cost about $100M so they’ve got a long way to go if they have any hopes of breaking even. The bigger disappointment was “Doctor Sleep.” Experts predicted it would debut in first with somewhere around $30M, but it earned less than half that — $14.1M for a second place finish. Coming in third was the new John Cena family movie “Playing with Fire” with $12.8M. Fourth place went to “Last Christmas” which has already been RUINED for me online by more than one party-pooper. It took in $11.6M. And rounding out the top five was another box office disappointment, “Terminator: Dark Fate” with $10.8M.

You may have forgotten they even have a People’s Choice Awards show because they moved it over to E! two years ago. But last night was the big ceremony and there were actually a few big moments we all missed. Kevin Hart showed up to accept his award for Comedy Act — his first major appearance since that horrific car accident back in September. Jennifer Aniston received the People’s Icon award, saying, “If I have any claim to this word ‘icon,’ it’s only because I was able to be on an iconic show, with an iconic cast, and an iconic haircut.” She said “Friends” was the gift of a lifetime. Pink accepted the People’s Choice Champion Award and gave a very inspirational speech, telling us all that if we feel like we don’t matter, GET INVOLVED.

Instagram is testing a new feature that removes the number of likes a post receives. They say it’s for the mental health of its young users, but Nicki Minaj says it’s all about the money. Social media influencers and independent artists depend on those likes for advertising dollars. She says Instagram wants in on that action and the only reason they’re removing the likes is to force people to buy ads. Nicki’s so upset about it that she tweeted she’s quitting IG.

When Miley Cyrus had surgery for severe tonsillitis last month, doctors discovered a problem with her vocal cords. So Miley went back to the hospital for more surgery and is now on complete vocal rest for the next several weeks. Cody Simpson is by her side. A source told People that he’ll make sure she isn’t bored while she recovers.

Tyler, the Creator threw his Camp Flog Gnaw music festival at Dodger Stadium last night, but kept the headliner a secret. Apparently, the crowd got all hyped up when Frank Ocean was rumored to be the headliner. But SURPRISE!!! It was Drake! The crowd wasn’t feeling it and booed Drake to the point where he finally asked, “If you want to keep going, I will keep going tonight.” When he heard more boos and chants of “We want Frank!” Drake said, “All right, it’s been love. I love y’all. I go by the name of Drake. Thank you for having me.” And he walked off the stage.


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