First pro athlete comes out!

Which ex-idol judge is too much drama? wants who to blog for them? Catherine Zeta Jones seeking help, Kadashians forced to go to Greece and NBA stars comes out.

It’s hard to believe that somebody as hippie-like as Steven Tyler would be difficult to deal with, but apparently that’s the case. His manager Simon Fuller reportedly dropped him because — as a source told Page Six — “it was impossible to guide Steven because all the drama around him was draining. The Aerosmith album and tour hasn’t done as well as expected. The band opened for Van Halen in Sydney recently and Steven was furious!” Ouch!! When the tour started in the US, it was Van Halen opening for Aerosmith, and now the script has flipped. No wonder Steven is upset!

Page Six is reporting that this gossip website called Celebuzz has approached Lindsay Lohan about blogging the lessons she learns in rehab. While she’s locked away for 90 days — IF she’s ever locked away, that is — they want Lindsay to keep a diary, documenting her deepest thoughts. And when she gets out, they’ll turn those diaries into her first blog entries. After that, she would be free to blog about whatever she likes — art, fashion, music and movies.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has checked in to a treatment center to get more help for her Bipolar disorder. Catherine checked into a mental health facility back in 2011 to deal with her Bipolar II disorder. At the time, her husband, Michael Douglas, was battling cancer and there was a great deal of stress in her life. Sources say that Catherine checked in to an undisclosed location yesterday for a 30 day treatment. The source says this is a proactive move on Catherine’s part\’85just “maintenance.”

Kim and Khloe Kardashian were miserable on the family vacation to Greece. Neither one of their men could make the trip, but they were forced to go anyway because the whole thing was being filmed for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” As soon as production wrapped, Kanye sent a private jet to fly Kim to Paris, where he’s been working on his next CD. Maybe the rumor about having their baby born in Paris is true! And Kim reportedly told all of her friends that she doesn’t want any baby gifts. She and Kanye are asking that in lieu of baby gifts, that donations be made to the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, instead.

Jason Collins made history yesterday, becoming the first openly gay male athlete playing in a major American sport. Jason played center for the Washington Wizards this past season. He’s a free agent now. He says he never set out to be the first athlete to come out of the closet. He kept waiting for somebody else to raise their hand first! But he decided it was finally time for someone to come forward and decided he had to be the one to do it. He’s being inundated with support, from the president, fellow athletes and celebrities, who were all over Twitter yesterday expressing their good thoughts.

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