Seeing birds falling from trees and dying while walking my dog yesterday really didn’t lift my already downtrodden mood. Something is going on in the neighborhood when birds are dying in front of my eyes. I saw a nice man trying to help the ones who lived after the fall, but the bird parents were attacking him since they assumed he was trespassing on their young. Animals are weird. And what a rough life some of them have. The second the chicks can walk, they are basically on their own. I felt like it could have been a version of urban Planet Earth.

Nothing like a little animal baby death to lift my spirits. I turned to Twitter to get a little social interaction and I must say, it works. People are so informative in groups. I was able to gather that there IS such a thing as almond milk cheese and did you know that goat cheese is dairy free? I had no clue and it’s my absolute favorite type of cheese anyways. That is great news. I’ve realized that my food relationship is a lot like the unrequited love I have so often experienced. I love a lot of foods, but they don’t love me back for who I am. I have to change too much for it to work out and who wants to take pills, just to be able to eat? Not me. Unrequited food love to match my emotional love life.

My roommate Holly used a fabulous photo of me to make a birthday dinner invitation and I forgot about this photo until just a few days ago…. We never talked about it at work since Dominique and Russ apparently edited this to play a prank when we were all in Punta Cana last summer on the family vacation. Obviously I was simply trying to maximize my sun exposure since it was the last day of vacation and I wore a bathing suit top and jean shorts for our nightmare of a horseback ride. Of course, our staff decided to make me look completely topless which is actually kind of funny and probably not that out of the realm of possibilities. People really are too sensitive to nudity.