I am pretty glad the weekend is over… it was one of those that was full of events. Why does that happen? Everything always seems to fall on one weekend…. Kinsey and I did a mud run on Saturday. It was a 10k where you run, do some military style obstacles, and swim across a river twice… yes, twice. It wasn’t one of those rivers where the water comes up to your neck and you can walk across slowly. You had to swim like Michael Phelps, wearing your clothes, and putting up with a small current. I had a bit of a scary moment on the second crossing. A girl started freaking out in the middle of it. I was so tired that I did not think I could hold her up. So I got on my back and told her to grab my foot so that she could stay afloat, and told her to just hook it up with some kicks so we could get across. She did, and we made it. Don’t worry; Kinsey was not jealous… she understood that sometimes a dude has to let another woman hold his foot while he crosses a river that totally does not smell like poo.

With all jokes aside, we did learn that a man had gone missing during the event, and the worst thing that could happen, did happen. A man lost his life doing this run. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Tony Weathers. You never go into something like this thinking that while you are out there getting muddy and hanging with your friends, someone is losing their life. It definitely gave me chills.

That was not the only event I was attending that Saturday… I had to make my way to the Kellie Rasberry birthday extravaganza, starring Coolio. Here is my review: I had no idea I was going to watch Coolio perform dressed up in Angry Birds attire, while looking like a reindeer. Also, I was not aware that his nephew was going to sing his original songs. But, we did have a blast. The performance was fuego! Mostly because the AC inside Big Al’s bar was nonexistent. It was hot in there. It was so hot, that my buddy, Paul, went to the grocery store and bought two portable fans. Yup, that happened. When I got home Kinsey said I smelled like a kid on spring break… sounds about right.

And I had a close call with some home intruders this weekend as well. Kinsey woke me up while I was napping after our mud run. She was saying that some guys were in our backyard. So I jumped up and tried to see, but she said they were going out the side. I ran to the front door, opened it as they were coming around the corner. The three guys stopped. I stood on my porch and said some pretty naughty things to them along the lines of, “what are you nice gentlemen doing in my backyard.” Only I did not speak so kindly. Then my landlord appeared. I told her that she needs to let me know if she is going to enter my backyard unexpectedly. She asked why… why, she asked. I told her, “So my wife doesn’t freak out while she is getting out of the shower,” I also said, “what if I was one of those dudes who had a bunch of guns and was quick to protect?” She then freaked out on me because I said, “what if”. I need to move. haha.

Now for the highlights of my weekend: Coolio was great, but watching Kidd on Khloe and Lamar was even better. If you did not get a chance to catch his role on the show, you missed out. He did not have any speaking parts on there, but he stole the show with his slow motion, sexy, nacho eating scene. It was epic. He was trying to tease that nacho, and teased it well.

Speaking of eating highlights, Cason has started eating rice cereal. Yes, Kinsey cried at this milestone as well.