Gunman arrested in fatal shooting at midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”

If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration, pick up this month’s “Shape” magazine. Jordin Sparks is flaunting her bikini body, showing off a 50-pound weight loss. She says that right before she turned 21, she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and she was out of shape and realized, Hey! “I’m in my prime! I should be happy and fit!” So she decided to make healthier eating choices and she started working out more — hiking in the mountains was a big part of her routine. And now at the age of 22, she’s down 50 pounds and 4 dress sizes! Good for her!!

Ray-J is having a little fun at his ex-girlfriend’s expense. Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts.” Ray-J saw the humor in that, so he retweeted Kim and attached an “LOL.” Remember back in the day, it was Kim and Ray-J’s home video that introduced Kim to the world. But I think she’s managed to move on from that quite nicely, don’t you? Anyway, no comment from Kim regarding Ray-J’s “LOL,” but he is now saying that “this was all taken out of context. He didn’t mean “Laugh Out Loud,” he meant “his “LOL” meant “Lots of Love.” Yeah. Whatever, Ray-J.

This has become a sport, but people have been stealing life-sized David Hasselhoff cardboard cutouts from a convenience store chain across the New England states. The Hoff was hired to promote their iced coffees, and these cutouts are placed outside the stores to lure people inside. Out of 570 stores, about 550 have had their cutouts stolen! The Hoff sees the humor in the situation. He’s not asking them to stop stealing his signs, but he IS asking them all to at least buy an iced coffee.

Justin Bieber has a bad attitude and a potty mouth. At a recent photo shoot in NY, Justin reportedly was hanging out with his posse and sources say he was using very loud, profane language. But when a stagehand’s walkie-talkie went off, Justin was so disturbed by the interruption that he went all Christian Bale on this guy, yelling, “What the f*@#!”

Tragic news coming out of Colorado this morning. At a movie theater outside Denver, a gunman opened fire during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” At last check, 12 people were reported killed and 38 wounded. Police arrested the gunman in a rear parking lot outside the theater. He’s been identified as 24-year-old James Holmes of Aurora, Colorado. In light of the shooting, Warner Bros. announced this morning that it is canceling the previously planned Paris premiere of the movie.