I must say, I had a pretty great weekend. Don’t get too excited, I didn’t really do that much. I also completely lost my iPhone, but still managed to enjoy my tech-less time. Holly and I are spending an amount of time together akin to the Honeymoon phase you often experience in a new relationship. Lots of face time. This includes lots of arguing and lots of laughing. If we were lesbians, it really might be true love. Hopefully she is as straight as she tells me she is. If not, she had a great show with the indoor mobile nude spray tan we had yesterday. It’s also a little discomforting when the girl doing your spray tan has a great bod and she is staring at every inch of your body. I feel the eyes judging. That was Sunday, let’s move it back to Friday.

Hilly Billy – this is what I call Holly when she’s being cheap -and I were hungry, so I bought fish at Whole Foods and we made a delicious dinner. Neighbors probably weren’t too thrilled about the fish smell permeating the hallway. We are both really in need of our omegas. Somehow in between sitting on the couch while dinner was cooking and getting up to eat dinner, my cell phone disappeared. Let me say this first. I DON’T lose things. I really don’t. The worst thing I’ve ever lost is maybe a pair of sunglasses. Anything else I’ve lost, I’ve found within a couple hours. Not this time. My perfectly good iPhone, an extension of my body, my lifeline to the world-gone forever. I chilled out by Saturday after turning the place apart for 5 hours. Look, it’s not the end of the world, and it’s actually kinda nice to not be available. I still can’t believe we couldn’t find it anywhere. It was really a high point in my life, sifting through 2 day old fish trash. As I reached the bottom of the can yesterday, I suddenly realized: Do I even want the phone if it’s been sitting in fish trash for 48 hours? Well, it wasn’t and that’s probably for the best. I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the AT&T store and had to use my upgrade so it wasn’t the end of the world. There is just no way I would have bought a new one without that upgrade. I toyed with the idea of going phoneless because it sounds mysterious, but then I realized that it’s not mysterious, it’s completely impractical. So there’s that.

While phoneless, Hilly Billy and I spent 4.5 hours in the hair salon together on Saturday. It literally took up the entire day. I went darker and now she’s the blonde of the couple! A good, strong change. We had to go out and celebrate our new look with all the old people who eat dinner at 5 pm, but we were hungry and wanted to drink. That drinking made me go to sleep around 11. Big Saturday night right?