Showbiz Top 5: Miley Cyrus beyond vulgar at the MTV VMAs

Simon Cowell goes public with his future baby mama….Tyrese passes out in the middle of the club…and Lamar Odom goes missing after a failed intervention! Kellie Rasberry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5!

Talk about a friendly divorce! Ever since their marriage fell apart, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have continued to live under the same roof. But after almost 2 decades of platonic cohabitation, some of their friends say the spark has been rekindled and that these two are seeing each other romantically again. The whispers got so loud that Sarah finally had to issue a statement, and she strongly denies that she and Andrew are a couple again.

Now that she’s husband-free, Simon Cowell and his future baby mama Lauren Silverman have finally gone public with their relationship. Simon whisked Lauren away to the South of France last Thursday, and they’ve been giving the paparazzi plenty of lovey, dovey photo ops to prove that this was more than just a marriage-ending affair.

Tyrese Gibson was partying inside The Park nightclub in DC on Friday night after making an appearance with his band, TGT, which is made up of him, Ginuwine and Tank. And right in the middle of the club, Tyrese passed out cold, injuring his arm in the fall. He was taken to the hospital where his arm was put in a sling. Tyrese’s rep says he passed out from sheer exhaustion, saying, “Tyrese has been going non-stop since July promoting his new TGT album.”  Tyrese is now taking a little time off to recuperate at his home in LA.

TMZ is reporting that on Wednesday of last week, Khloe Kardashian attempted an intervention with her husband Lamar Odom over his alleged crack cocaine addiction. When Lamar refused to get help, TMZ says Khloe kicked him out of the house and he hasn’t been seen since. And now his friends and family are afraid he’s off somewhere on a drug binge and they fear for his life. Sources say Lamar has been battling addiction for at least 2 years and even went to rehab last year, only to bail 3 weeks later.

Here’s a brief summary of the 2013 MTV VMA Awards. Lady Gaga opened the show and it turns out she looks better naked than she does in clothes. When One Direction took the stage, Taylor Swift got caught telling the boys to “Shut the f*** up.” Miley Cyrus was beyond vulgar during her performance, causing us to never look at a giant foam finger the same way again. Justin Timberlake threw ‘N Sync a bone and let them perform with him. Oh, did you blink? Then you missed it. Kanye West made his first post-baby North performance with “Blood on the Leaves.” Bruno Mars stirred the loins of America with “Gorilla,” which should’ve been the closing performance of the night. Instead, we got Katy Perry’s flat performance of “Roar” from beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

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