Huge celebs unfollow Parez Hilton from Twitter!

“Bachelorette” Emily Maynard says it’s not true. Her fiance, Jef Holm denies it, too. But the rumor is, while Emily was vacationing with Jef’s family in SC, Jef discovered some sext messages on Emily’s cellphone which led to him ordering her to pack up and leave. Jef told “People” that none of it is true. He said, “We were in a gated community in a private home with just my brothers and sisters. It’s just bogus a ‘source’ would (say) we were fighting.” To fight the rumors, the couple has been doing lots of PDA for anyone with a camera. And Jef has spent the past couple of days looking at apartments in Emily’s hometown of Charlotte so he can be closer to his soon-to-be wife. is reporting that Reese Witherspoon was admitted to the hospital yesterday where doctors are monitoring her pregnancy. Reese is due to deliver next month and doctors reportedly are trying to keep her from going into early labor. This is Reese’s third child — she has two children with her first husband, Ryan Phillippe. But this is all new for current hubby, Jim Toth, who is really stressed out about this whole situation. Sources say he hasn’t left Reese’s side and doesn’t plan to until she gets to.

Kristen Stewart is finally showing her face — it’s the first time she’s been seen in public almost a month after photos of her messing around with director Rupert Sanders surfaced. But the thing is, she looks just like she did before — sad and dumpy. However, friends say Kristen is a complete wreck. She stays up all night crying and she can’t hold anything down. They say she’s basically existing on a diet of sugar-free Red Bull and cigarettes.

Taylor Swift is getting slammed for crashing a wedding. Taylor is dating Conor Kennedy, whose his cousin Kyle got married on Saturday. An hour before the wedding, Conor reportedly texted his aunt and mother-of-the-bride Vicki Kennedy, asking if he could bring Taylor to the wedding. Not wanting superstar Taylor stealing her daughter’s spotlight, Vicki told the “Boston Herald” that she responded with a very clear “Please do not come.” But they came anyway. Vicki says Taylor was distracting everyone’s attention from the bride, so she said, “I personally went up to Ms. Swift…and asked her as nicely as I could to leave. It was like talking to a ghost. She seemed to look right past me.” Of course, Taylor’s people are saying she most definitely WAS invited. In fact, they say the bride even thanked her for coming.

Perez Hilton must be reeling. Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have all unfollowed him on Twitter! Why? Apparently they’re not pleased with Perez for what he’s done to Zayn from One Direction, posting that peephole video of him hitting on some girl. That caused Zayn to cancel his Twitter account, which sent 1D fans into a tailspin, causing them to attack Perez and Perez to attack back. So for reasons known only to them, Britney, Miley and Perez’s beloved Gaga have chosen not to follow him at this time.