In keeping with the theme of my upcoming studio 54 party this weekend, it was time to get my spray tan on. Holly and I hosted a spray tan party last night. Do 4 people count as a party? Somehow I managed to get the Gary Coleman edition this time around and I had to take a shower this morning and hope some of the dark washed off. I was last to go last night and all the other girls had a beautiful bronze shade. I wasn’t tan to begin with, however 2 coats of the Beyonce later and I looked like a female body builder before a competition. I walked into the living room because you can’t get dressed for 5-10 minutes and the girls burst out laughing. They said, “No, It looks goooood. It will fade by the weekend.” But I know what they were thinking. Their eyes were saying, “Ooompa Loompa”.

I know this sounds crazy because of how much I love my dog and all animals in general, but I’m really tired of all the work it takes. It’s like my life revolves around having to walk him. The second I get home from work, time to walk the dog. If I’m out to dinner or out on the weekend, I have to go home and walk my dog. I am already planning on taking him to the boarder tomorrow so he can actually get some doggie style play time in. Is this a normal way to feel about your pet? Walks have started to become a beatdown and he seems to be getting older and senile. He’s barking at my roommate and I all the time and he seems perpetually dissatisfied. I just want to tell him, “Dude, your life is pretty ridiculously good. I know you don’t get to eat enough, and you’re slightly to pretty much obese, but life is pretty good”. He just doesn’t seem to get it. If I already feel this way about an old, slow moving rat, what happens when you start to tire of your own children? Drop them off at the boarder for a week at a time?