I definitely put icy hot on instead of deodorant this morning and it’s just hit me on the drive into work this morning. It feels like my armpits are burning off. Yes that very stupid mistake means I am tired, but I actually didn’t even party for my birthday last night. I am always set for birthdays being kind of a letdown and yesterday was no different really, however it was the most random day I have had in a very long time, perhaps ever. I went home to take a nap and get a call from an ex boyfriend. A serious ex boyfriend, not just some guy I’ve overdramatizing for the sake of the story. He decides that my birthday of all days, is the appropriate time to tell me that he has a girlfriend kinda. To lift the spirits even more, a different friend tells me that if I were color my hair, I should go brown because that is preferable to what I have. That also helped my self-esteem. As I’m getting ready to go to dinner, which is all I wanted to do to keep things low-key, my best friend doesn’t feel good and is considering not going. I am usually okay with people bailing but I was genuinely so upset because, after all, it’s my best friend and I spent just about my whole day alone and had been looking forward to it. She managed to come meet me and a few other friends at the local mexican establishment and we, or actually I had dinner. Yes, I was the only one to actually eat. One couple orders nachos to share and my other girlfriend ordered only guacamole. Is this odd to anyone but me? Birthday dinner where no one but the birthday girl eats?

On another random note, I get an incoming phone call from a LA number so I answer it of course, because how exotic right? lol. Well, the second I answer I learn it’s not coming from LA, but from the local jail and the call has been routed. Now this is my first inmate phoner so I wasn’t sure how things go down or if I get charged, but I thought I’d live in the moment since that has been my new thing so I answered it. I figured it’d make for a good story at least. I accept the call and it turns out, I know the inmate and it’s not a super close friend, but it’s someone that has my phone number memorized and remembered my birthday which is flattering and slightly odd at the same time. The weirder part is that this person has been there for 2 months already and wasn’t sure of the release date. Makes me thing they are there for something other than they say and now I’m a little intrigued, but it’s just all around interesting.

After dinner, my 2 girlfriends had left and I was sitting with my married couple friends when we overheard another group talking about Extreme Midget Wrestling going down at a cool music venue just down the street. Those that know me, are fully aware that I am kinda terrified of little people. The last few years have helped because I see more of them than normal and I have grown accustomed to it and actually gotten more comfortable. That doesn’t mean I was prepared for what I was about to witness, but I figured, it’s my birthday, the day has been kinda shitty so WHY NOT? YOLO right, that means you only live once in rapper terms. So I 3rd wheeled it into the venue and then I see the racial and ethnic buffet of little people flying across the ring and I seriously started laughing so hard I cried. I really needed that. It was a good moment. Conquering fears by conditioning and it’s working. If nothing else, I made some improvements in my life. What I did NOT realize was that Extreme Midget Wrestling also consists of girls being lured into the ring to win a seat for the show. I was being coaxed by those around me to get in there and for a second I almost did, until I got intelligent and thought there was more to the ring contest that the announcer gave away AND considering I am a regional radio star, I need to protect my rep a little. Can’t go trashin it up with little people and scantily clad ladies anymore. I’m sure glad I didn’t get in there because it was all about giving the little one a lap dance and the best one got to sit in the ring. The girls really got down with it and the last girl just body slammed the little guy into the mat so hard. Of course she was the crowd favorite and received a lap dance from the midget for her efforts. I got a nice pic of that one. Whew. Big night and seeing new things is always refreshing. Weird how 30 strong minutes of activity like that can turn an entire day around. The only sad moment was when I went to 7/11 on the way home to get water and cookies and the salesguy cards me with my credit card and when he sees it’s my birthday he literally asks in his very foreign indian accent, “So is this how you envisioned ending your birthday night?” No buddy, actually I didn’t ask to be alone at 1030 in 7/11 on my birthday headed home with a pack of Fig Newtons and a bottle of water, but hey, not all of us can have significant other who care about us and make birthdays special. But what I really said was, “No, but I’m making the most of it!” With a very fake smile and honestly, it’s kinda ok. I’ll have my time, maybe. I’m not really confident or sure of that but let’s go with it for now.