Is a Twitter war brewing between Jay-Z and Miley Cyrus?

Randy Travis is in critical condition…Amanda Bynes shows up to court…Mariah Carey rushed to the hospital…and is a Twitter feud brewing between Jay-Z and Miley Cyrus? Kellie has the scoop!

At first, he thought he just had a bad cold, but now Randy Travis is reported to be in critical condition after being diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy. A virus has attacked his heart and if he survives this, Randy could end up on a heart transplant list. Randy has had a rough couple of years, with drunk driving arrests and a brawl in a church parking lot with his fiancee’s ex. Just three weeks ago, Randy completed court-ordered rehab and is currently on probation for a drunk driving arrest.

Amanda Bynes was in court today to face charges of throwing a bong out the window of her apartment. She showed up wearing a long blue wig, a tank top, sweat pants and sneakers. That was about the most exciting thing to happen because in court, Amanda was pretty much silent and the judge continued the case until August 26. Amanda has had a lot more to say on Twitter, though. Yesterday she tweeted. “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” And before court this morning, she tweeted, “Drake Has An Ugly Face,” but she quickly took that down.

There was a bomb scare at Pink‘s concert in Melbourne, Australia, Sunday night. But the guy responsible says it was all one big misunderstanding. The 16-year-old in the audience tweeted, “@Pink I’m ready with my Bomb. Time to blowup Rod Laver Arena, B****.” Using his Twitter avatar, cops managed to find this guy in the crowd and they placed him under arrest. He told the officers that he didn’t tweet a bomb threat, he was referring to Pink’s song “Timebomb” — duh — a bonus track of her latest album. And OBVIOUSLY he’s a big Pink fan to reference something so obscure. Officers ended up releasing him, but he will likely face criminal charges.

Mariah Carey is home recovering from a painful injury — but she suffered for the sake of fashion and I’ll bet she says it was worth it. Mariah hired her husband Nick Cannon to direct the music video for the remix of her song “Beautiful.” Nick wanted to shoot a scene in a nightclub and while Mariah was teetering around on sky-high heels trying to lip-sync and simulate dancing, she tripped and fell, dislocating her shoulder in the process. She was rushed to the hospital — in a private car, thank you very much — where doctors reset her shoulder. Mariah is now recovering at home, but at this point, she still plans to perform at a Hurricane Sandy Relief concert in Central Park on Saturday.

Jay-Z was on Twitter yesterday where he answered questions from his followers. One of them asked, “Do you think twerking should replace the electric slide at weddings?” Jay-Z responded, “Personally??? YES.. Miley is a GOD.” You might think he meant that as a compliment, but actually, it may have been a huge, sarcastic DISS. In his song “Somewhere In America,” Jay-Z rapped about Miley’s twerking habit, saying, “Somewhere in America Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’, ha! Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, Miley, Miley, twerk, twerk, twerk, Miley, Miley, Miley, twerk. Twerk, yeah, uh-huh. Twerk, Miley, Miley, Miley — Only in America.” So when he was asked on Twitter, “You really think Miley Cyrus still twerking somewhere in America?” Jay-Z responded, “Yes! She represents an old worlds worst nightmare.” Miley finally had enough and tweeted this response:  “Exactly right. I am an old worlds worst nightmare. #outwiththeold #inwiththenewnew.” Is she calling Jay-Z old? Are we officially witnessing a Twitter feud??

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