Is Justin Beiber a cheater and a bully?

Taylor Swift wants answers from Harry…Are J.Lo and Marc Anthony rekindling the flame?…and the Nicki and Mariah blowup airs on Idol. is reporting that Taylor Swift demanded that Harry Styles sit down with her so she could ask him straight to his face, “Did you cheat on me or not??” Even though he could very easily tell her over the phone that he was faithful, I guess Taylor felt like she needed to look him in the eyes to see if he flinched when he said it. Maybe we’ll find out how that conversation went this weekend. Both Taylor and Harry are scheduled to be in Cannes for an awards show. Will they go as a couple??

Did Jennifer Lopez go creeping back to her ex?? The New York Post is reporting that Jennifer was staying at the London Hotel in NYC and found out Marc Anthony was staying at The Mark. She put on a leopard print mini dress and thigh-high stilettos and went to pay a visit to her babies’ daddy. Over two and a half hours later, Marc sneaked out the back of the hotel and got on his tour bus. Jennifer left right after, looking a little smirky, some might say……

A DJ in Charlotte, NC, says she was working out at the gym in the Ritz-Carlton when Justin Bieber and two other guys came in. His trainer and a backup dancer, maybe? She says she asked Justin for a picture and he said no, but then they proceeded to make fun of her for counting out loud during her workout and claims that one of them even spit blue Gatorade into her water bottle! She’s not sure if it was Justin or one of the other guys, but she’s hoping to make the most of her humiliation by selling the bottle on eBay. She says she’ll donate the money to the local Ronald McDonald House, where she volunteers.

Two Justin Bieber stories in one Showbiz Top 5?? Yes! This 22-year-old nursing student named Mimi Jenson claims that she hooked up with Justin while he was still with Selena Gomez, and that’s what led to their final breakup. Mimi claims that she was with Justin and Lil’ Twist when they went to buy weed at a smoke shop, stopped by McDonald’s, and went back to Justin’s suite at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Mimi said they all smoked pot and drank sizzurp, and eventually Justin took her to his bedroom where he kissed her — not on the lips, but everywhere else! She’s saying she wanted it to go further, but he ended things pretty quickly and she finally just left.

A few months ago, we all heard about the fight between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey during the “American Idol” auditions. There was some leaked audio, but it was really muddled and hard to figure out. So….was that the fight we saw play out after it had been sanitized and edited in the production room? Apparently, it wasn’t just Nicki and Mariah going at it. Nicki was mad at Randy Jackson, too. After this one girl auditioned, Mariah, Randy and Keith Urban were all telling her she should do country music, which got on Nicki’s last nerve. She didn’t like that they were trying to pigeonhole this girl and told them so and then Randy and Mariah teamed up on her and Nicki stormed off the set. So……..that was it?

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