Is Justin Bieber dating a married woman?

Free jeans for death-defying stunts….Paula Deen speaks out on The Today Show…Is Justin Bieber a homewrecker?…and new allegations against Chris Brown.

Jenna couldn’t get over the fact that Nik Wallenda was wearing baggy jeans when he walked a tightrope over this gorge near the Grand Canyon Sunday. Well, it turns out, wearing those jeans has paid off! Nik just so happened to be wearing the very comfortable and stylish Buffalo Jeans when he pulled off that death-defying stunt. The company was so impressed that they will provide a lifetime supply of Buffalo Jeans to Nik, his wife AND their kids. So HA, Jenna!

 During Paula Deen’s 13-minute interview on the “Today” show Wednesday, she said that she had committed a sin when she used the “N” word. Did she regret admitting it during her deposition? Matt Lauer asked her if she wishes now that she would’ve lied. But Paula said, “No, because there’s a couple of kinds of people that I am prejudiced against, and that’s thieves and liars.” There’s also buzz that Paula wants to hire Judy Smith to help handle this huge public relations nightmare. She is the woman who inspired Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope character on “Scandal.” And she is FABULOUS.

Back in March, Ryan Seacrest dumped Julianne Hough after wasting three of the best years of her life. He reportedly cried on the shoulder of his former girlfriend, Jasmine Waltz, who he reportedly had been communicating with for the past two years of his relationship with Julianne. Hmmm….But now Ryan is said to be dating Sports Illustrated model, Dominique Piek. She’s free after breaking up with Chris Pine. A source says the problem with Ryan and Dominique’s relationship might not be with their age difference. He’s 38 and she’s 27. The problem might be their height difference. He’s 5’8″ on a good day and she’s 5’10” when she takes off her shoes and slouches just a little.

So I told you on Monday that Justin Bieber and his entourage had been banned for life from an indoor skydiving facility in Las Vegas. And I told you yesterday that one of the people in his entourage was some model/cocktail waitress from Vegas named Jordan Ozuna, who was sitting on Justin’s lap and making out with him. And NOW we find out that Jordan is MARRIED! Apparently she married Daniel Ozuna right out of high school. He’s in the Coast Guard and is currently serving our country overseas. Apparently that’s affected the marriage and Daniel’s mom says the two of them have been separated for about a year, but they are still legally married. So not only did Justin hook up with a married woman, she’s a military wife! That’s practically anti-American!!

I also told you yesterday that Chris Brown was charged with hit-and-run and the case was being referred to the DA’s office to see if this violates the terms of his probation. TMZ saw the police report. This woman told police that after Chris rear-ended her Mercedes, they pulled over and both got out to take pictures of their vehicles. She asked to see Chris’ driver’s license, registration and insurance info, but his passenger — on-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran — said the car was hers and offered her information instead. The woman said no, Chris was driving so she needed his info. She claims Chris gave her bogus insurance information and then got real uncooperative. As he and Karrueche were getting back into their car, she snapped a picture of them in case they tried to take off. That’s when she says Chris tried to grab her camera and Karrueche was yelling, “Don’t touch her!” That’s when she claims Chris started yelling at her and calling her names. It was ugly. Then she says he slammed the door and sped off, screaming the whole way. Of course, his attorney Mark Geragos told TMZ that the case against Chris is complete “BS.” He admits Chris didn’t have a California license, just a Virginia one, but he says Chris did give her valid insurance information…only it was for his Lamborghini and not the Range Rover he was driving.



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