Is Kanye about to propose to Kim?

Demi Moore reportedly fell apart when she saw the pictures of Ashton Kutcher kissing Mila Kunis. Even though Ashton reportedly cheated on Demi throughout their marriage — which was reportedly part of their “arrangement” — it was always with some random. But Ashton and Mila have history, and the fact that they’re going public now by letting a photo of them kissing get out is like one great big punch in Demi’s gut. A source says that it’s also painful for Demi to see Ashton with someone so much younger, because aging is a really big issue for Demi. She’s 49…Ashton is 34…Mila is only 28.

Kanye West reportedly plans on asking Kim Kardashian to marry him the second she’s divorced from Kris Humphries. is reporting that Kanye has taken diamonds and rubies from his late mother’s jewelry collection, given them to a private jeweler, and is having them made into Kim’s engagement ring. Sources say Kanye would also want to be married in either his childhood home of Chicago or in Oklahoma, which is where his mother is buried.

More drama for the Jacksons. Paris has been tweeting how she hasn’t seen or heard from her grandmother, Katherine, in 8 days. So yesterday, Janet, Jermaine and Randy went to Katherine’s house in Calabasas to pick up Paris and her brothers and take them to Arizona to see their grandmother. But the kids refused to leave, demanding instead that Katherine be returned home to them. Apparently things got so heated that police were called and now Janet, Jermaine and Randy are barred from the house.

Rihanna had been vacationing in Saint Tropez with some friends and then headed over to Cannes. It just so happened that Chris Brown was in Nice with his girlfriend Karrueche, but he left her there, jumped on a helicopter with Lucacris, and headed over to Cannes to shoot a music video for a Swizz Beatz album. Sources say Chris rented a yacht and invited Rihanna over for a secret date. A source says the two of them have a weird addiction to each other and just can’t seem to stay away.

Back in 2008, Mariah Carey was a guest mentor on “American Idol.” Sources say she showed up incredibly late and was an absolute nightmare to work with — a complete contrast to Jennifer Lopez. Sources say she was always a pleasure, did her job and wasted nobody’s time. But being a diva apparently pays off. Mariah has signed on as a judge for next season’s “Idol.” It’s a one-year deal said to be worth $18 million. Jennifer earned $12 million her first year on the show. We’re still not sure what Randy Jackson will be doing on “Idol,” but there are rumors that Miley Cyrus and Adam Lambert are still being considered as judges.