Is Kim Kardashian confused about her baby’s due date?

Russell Brand gets swatted…Miley Cyrus has some new friends…Are Chris Brown and Rihanna already over? Kellie Rasberry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz top 5!

And here we have yet another swatting incident in LA. This time, Russell Brand was the victim — or non-victim, actually, because there weren’t two men dressed in full body armor approaching his home with guns, which was what the 911 caller said was happening. When officers arrived at Russell’s house, no one was there…not even Russell. He left half an hour before the 911 call was made.

 Jay-Z posted a little teaser on his “Life and Times” website yesterday, letting us know he’s bringing back the “Made in America” music festival to Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend, Aug. 31-Sept. 1. In last year’s inaugural event, more than 2 dozen acts performed on three stages, and the entire lineup was chosen by Jay-Z. Among last year’s chosen ones were D’Angelo, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Pearl Jam, The Hives and Run DMC. But we have to wait until  tomorrow to find out this year’s lineup, which is being revealed at noon Eastern on Spotify. And in another concert announcement, Kid Rock announced yesterday that all tickets to his summer tour will be $20.

Either Kim Kardashian lied about her due date to throw off the paparazzi or she could have miscalculated. But back in January, Kim told the “Today” show that the baby she made with Kanye West is due to arrive sometime in July. But sources say her actual due date is in mid-June.

It’s often said that you’re known by the company you keep, so what does Miley Cyrus‘ present company say about her? This past weekend, she flew out to Miami without her maybe/maybe not fiance, Liam Hemsworth, so she could help her good buddy Pharrell Williams celebrate the big 4-0. Also celebrating with Miley and Pharrell were Lil Kim and Lil Wayne, making his first public appearance since his hospitalization for repeated seizures. The next night, Miley reportedly partied again with Lil Kim at the Cameo club. A source says she was there from the time the club opened at 11pm until the lights

Yesterday, Page Six reported that Chris Brown was in NY over Easter weekend where he hooked up with a waitress named Karizma Ramierez. The following weekend, Chris was back on the West Coast, where he reportedly was hooking up with another waitress named Keisha Kimball. So does this mean Chris and Rihanna are over? And which girl are we to blame?? Keisha says we can’t blame her. She works at LA’s Playhouse nightclub and says that when Chris comes in, she’s always his waitress. But she says they’re just friends and nothing more because she doesn’t go for black guys. She says it’s not a racist thing it’s just a dating preference. And whatever is going on with Chris and Rihanna has nothing to do with her.

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