Is Kristen Stewart back to her old ways?

Dancing with the Stars elimination recap, “The Rock” is retiring from his name, Directioner doesn’t have risque pictures, Blanda Eggenschwiler hates the Jonas Brothers and Kristen Stewart back to her old ways.

SPOILER ALERT: Taking his shirt off was enough to save Bachelor Sean but not enough to save Victor Ortiz. On last night’s “Dancing with the Stars,” it was Victor who got booted from the ballroom. He seems to be really okay with it. Victor says he’ll probably travel for a month or two. He told “People” magazine that he’ll spin a little globe and wherever his hand lands, he’ll go. He’s thinking Australia or China. And after that? It’s back to boxing. He said, “The world championships are waiting, and I’m coming.

Dwayne Johnson will never forget where he came from, which is why he climbed back into the ring with John Cena for WrestleMania earlier this month. And after what happened, he might decide to be done with “The Rock” once and for all. Dwayne suffered a tear to his abdomen and had to have an emergency hernia operation on Monday. That forced him to miss the red carpet premiere of his new movie “Pain & Gain,” which starts this Friday.

Even though a lot of One Direction‘s fans wish it was him, Niall Horan says it’s not. They’re a picture floating around the internet that shows a naked guy in the shower who looks an awfully lot like Niall. He went on Twitter to say that even thought it’s not him, he would be happy to have biceps like that.

Blanda Eggenschwiler. Her name trips ever so delicately off the tongue, doesn’t it? But could you pick her out of a lineup? She thinks so! And that’s apparently the only reason she’s dating Joe Jonas. One of her “friends” told that Blanda doesn’t even like the Jonas Brothers’ music. She’s just dating him for all that cool fame and junk. Obviously, it’s working

Would Kristen Stewart be dumb enough to go back to the well and cheat on Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders again??? That’s what everybody was thinking when they saw Kristen coming out of her favorite Mexican restaurant and getting into a black Acura that looks just like the one Rupert Sanders drives with a guy who looks sorta kinda like Rupert Sanders. I’ve seen the pictures and I personally don’t believe it’s Rupert, but it’s a whole lot more fun to think that it is!

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