Is Miley getting on Liam’s nerves?
It’s only August and “Vanity Fair” is already naming the best dressed of 2012? What if somebody swoops in fabulously from behind in November? Oh well! They’re not making this list! “Vanity Fair” is out with their International Best Dressed list, and they have deemed the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as the best dressed woman in the world. Did you you know her schedule requires up to 5 clothing changes a day?? And since it’s an international list, there are dozens of names most of us wouldn’t know, so I’m just hitting a few that are more recognizable…at least to ME! So also on the International Best Dressed list are Kate’s brother-in-law, Prince Harry, Stella McCartney, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Jessica Chastain, Colin Firth, Tom Brady, Diane Kruger and Matt Lauer. For the complete list, go to

An arrest warrant has been issued for Cuba Gooding Jr. after he got a little out-of-control on Bourbon Street early this morning. This bartender at Old Absinthe House says Cuba and a group of friends came in about 3:00 this morning and got really ticked off when some fans started asking if they could take pictures with him. The bartender told police she went up to Cuba and asked him to calm down and he pushed her away. One of her co-workers called 911 and that’s when she says she told Cuba he ought to leave because the police were on the way. She says Cuba pushed again as he was leaving. Even though she wasn’t injured, police still issued a misdemeanor battery warrant.

The “National Enquirer” is reporting that Macaulay Culkin is hooked on heroin and prescription drugs. According to the tabloid, Mac regularly shoots up heroin and oxycodone and almost overdosed at least once. They say he spends up to $6000 a month on other painkillers and has basically turned his Manhattan apartment into a drug den, where he gets high for hours all by himself or with a close circle of junkie friends.

Believe it or not, Macaulay used to have his act together and was in a long-term relationship with Mila Kunis. But she has long-since moved on and is now dating Ashton Kutcher. In fact, Ashton just whisked Mila away for a romantic vacation to Bali. Reportedly they’re staying in a 5-star resort where the suites include wooden four-poster beds, a sunken bathtub and uber-private pools just for two. And while her estranged husband is off in Bali with his new girlfriend, Demi Moore was seen sneaking into the “Bourne Legacy” premiere party at the Four Seasons in LA. She’s said to be dating New Zealand actor, Martin Henderson.

Miley Cyrus just wants to be with her man, but her man wants her to GO HOME. Sources say Liam Hemsworth’s patience is wearing thin with Miley, who followed him to Philadelphia where he’s filming a new movie. When Liam comes home after a long day of filming, he just wants to chill out…but Miley won’t shut up! Plus, she wants to go out and party and do stuff that all newly-engaged 19-year-olds want to do while Liam just wants to order takeout and go to bed. To put it bluntly, Miley is driving him nuts. So she’d better get her butt home to LA so he can start missing her…fast!