That was the thought going through my head moments before I jumped on the basketball court. Ok, let me back it up. When I say basketball court, I am talking about a driveway, on a hot day, after we had been swimming with the kids… oh, and we were not wearing shoes. Kinsey and I made friends with a couple that lives a couple minutes away from us. This was a Kinsey match, since she knew the wife from her group of friends. The husband and I hung out a couple of times, but we hit it off pretty well. They invited us over to go swimming since they have two kids that are the same age as our kids. It’s perfect!

jsi-blog-pic-053116However, my new buddy texted me before we headed over and said, “my son and his buddies challenged us to basketball… bring your ‘A’ game!” So I packed my shoes, socks, and basketball shorts. All the ingredients for my “A” game, which is more like a “C” game compared to actual basketball players. His son happens to be a 14-year-old dude (from a previous relationship), with 14-year-old friends. These kids are our size, but they have something we don’t… endless energy. I got out of the pool, went into the kitchen, and saw them out there. I was called out there to start the battle. I was ready; I walked out there, and noticed they were all playing barefoot. I thought, “What could go possibly go wrong?”

Even as I was walking out, Kinsey asked, “Do you want me to grab your shoes?” I looked back at her and said, “nah, I’m good!” As I heard “are you sure?” I was already scoring my first basket. We were on fire out there. We ended up playing a solid game against a bunch of 8th grade dudes. Our defense was on point, our… ok, my buddy’s shooting was great, we were passing well! Then I felt something… the bottom of my foot was burning. But, we needed two more points to win. I kept playing. We won! Then I finally took a peek at what was burning… which was now both feet. My right foot was a blister… the entire thing. Bonus: it had been sliced open. Yup, I was rocking the bright red skin. The left foot? Blood blister on the heel. I look over at the guys, and they are fine. Laughing, still playing, and basically showing no signs of injury.

I figured I’d be fine… until I went home. The pain got worse. Next morning, I woke up to two bruised feet. It hurt to walk. Bad. I did this to myself. I was laid out on the bed, with ice on my feet, and Kinsey walks in and says, “I’m sorry, babe,” she could have really rubbed it in if she wanted to, but choose to give me a compliment with, “you have to remember that you have soft angel feet.” She said it with a dead serious face… I busted out laughing.

So, we ended up having a chill weekend, because I was out of commission, but we did get our Costco membership, because we are all about that burb life!