I’ve got the power!

The latest in celebrity swatting, Bieber’s got the power in Norway, The Tonight Show with…? Kim Kardashian has better things to do than go to divorce court and Bon Jovi drama!

Diddy is the latest target of “swatting” — where somebody calls 911 and reports that a crime is going down at a celebrity’s house and the police and FBI swarm the place for nothing. A young teenager admitted to swatting Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber. But the hackers who exposed the private financial information of dozens of celebrities is taking credit for the Diddy swatting, as well as the one on Paris Hilton last month.

 Justin Bieber has two concerts scheduled in Oslo, Norway, on April 16 and 17. Since he’s known to attract teenage girls, school officials are going out on a limb and assuming that some of their female students might skip school for those concerts, and that’s right when midterm exams are taking place. So to make sure those girls don’t miss the exams, five schools in Norway have rescheduled midterms. And THAT’s the power of Bieber.

It was pretty much one of the worst-kept secrets EVER, but yesterday NBC announced that Jay Leno is stepping down from “The Tonight Show” in February of next year and that Jimmy Fallon will take his place. Not only that, the show will move across the country to NYC to accommodate Jimmy. Also, Lorne Michaels of “Saturday Night Live” will now be running things behind the scenes.

Kim Kardashian is anxious to get her divorce from Kris Humphries out of the way before her baby with Kanye West is born in July. So the divorce trial is scheduled to begin on May 6, but Kim sorta kinda has this perfume she’s scheduled to promote that same day all the way in NYC. She was wondering if the judge would move the start date to May 3 so she could be there. The judge said no, he won’t move the trial. But he gave Kim permission to miss day one.

On the Bon Jovi website yesterday, it was announced that Richie Sambora wouldn’t be on the current leg of the tour because of “personal issues.” But despite all the speculation that Richie relapsed with alcohol, sources directly connected to the band told TMZ that it’s not alcohol that caused Richie to bail. Sources said there’s been tension between him and Jon Bon Jovi for years. Richie feels like Jon is always belittling him and they fight a lot about money. It finally blew up and Richie said he wouldn’t do the tour. However, people in Richie’s camp are hoping everybody makes nice before April 19, when Bon Jovi is scheduled to play in Richie’s hometown of LA.


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