J.Lo adds a cell phone company to her growing empire

Move over Andy Cohen you’ve been replaced by Nick Jonas…Jennifer Lopez teams up with Verizon to add to her empire…and Khloe Kardashian sheds the pounds — how’d she do it? Find out in today’s Showbiz Top 5!

“American Idol” winner Candice Glover’s CD is being rushed for a July 16th release date. “Music Speaks” will feature her kick-off single “I Am Beautiful,” which she sobbed her way through as the confetti fell on the season finale. And Candice will have plenty of chances to get through the song tear-free as she performs it over and over and over again during the American Idol Tour, which kicks off with the top ten finalists in St. Louis on June 29

Was that Giuliana Rancic/Andy Cohen magic not working? Because I’m thinking Andy wasn’t the problem here, but nooooo….After 2 years of hosting the Miss USA Pageant, Andy’s out and Nick Jonas is in. Nick Jonas?? Yes, he and Giuliana will guide us through all that spray tan and double-stick tape when the new Miss USA is crowned on June 16. And joining Nick will be his brothers, Kevin and Joe, who’ll perform their new song, “Pom Poms.”

Jennifer Lopez is an empire at this point. Not only does she have her acting and music careers, she’s got her clothing and perfume lines, and now — her own cell phone company!  Jennifer is the co-founder and creative director behind Viva Movil! Obviously, she’s targeting the Latino community. All Viva Movil stores will be staffed with bilingual employees, but the phones and plans they sell will be the same as Verizon’s.

Khloe Kardashian has dropped 25 pounds! So what did she drink?? What pill did she pop?? Which diet company is she working for?? Unfortunately for us, Khloe lost the weight working out. UGH. And she says she wasn’t even working out to lose weight, it was just to relieve stress. The weight loss was an added bonus. DOUBLE UGH!! I don’t want to hear about anybody’s weight loss that involves actual effort, so NEXT!

Perhaps it’s a good thing that Ryan Gosling wasn’t there for the Cannes Film Festival premiere of his new movie “Only God Forgives.”  That way, he didn’t have to endure the audience booing his super violent movie. Hearing about it later isn’t as painful as actually BEING there, is it? Ryan’s in Detroit filming his directorial debut and didn’t feel like he could break away from that, so he sent a letter apologizing for his absence that was read before the screening. But perhaps he should’ve written another letter to be read after the screening, apologizing for those graphic scenes that got booed.

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