J-Si’s Blog: Fam time…
J-Si’s Blog: Fam time…

We did it, we successfully took the kids bowling, and nobody got hurt, threw a temper tantrum, or broke something! I will admit that I had my doubts about taking them to a bowling alley because my kids tend to play with something for about 5 minutes and then they want to move on to something else. But, with the bumpers up, cool lights, and the kid-launching ramp, they actually enjoyed themselves. We only got to play one game in the hour we rented the lane (normally I remember getting at least 3 games in), but that was all we needed. I ended up winning, Chloe came in second place, Cason in third (they were neck and neck), and my wife rounded it out in fourth. Kinsey scored an astounding 26 points. Yes… 26, and most came in the last two frames. I actually have a video up on my Instagram of her marvelous form. She blames her nails. I’m just glad I beat her because she tends to barely try with the bowling thing, and always end up getting super lucky.

jsi-blog-pic-012516And the big question: did I get to watch football on Sunday? Yes. Yes I did. Kinsey’s friend hit her up on Saturday and asked if it was ok to reschedule for next week because one of their kiddos was not feeling well, which is the same thing we were going to tell them, because our kids did catch some sort of booger party/cough action. Unfortunately, I started developing these symptoms myself, because I have this whole mentality that thinks their baby germs won’t affect my man body. Turns out their baby germs do manage to get a grown man sick. In fact, I think I learned that about 3 years ago, when Cason started doing play dates and going around kids all the time.

However, watching football did not stop any sort of embarrassment from happening. My buddy came over with his girl, and like he always does, my son decided he wanted to do a lil showing off, he’s like a miniature Mr. Steal Yo Girl. He shows off his counting skills, singing skills, his toys, and usually closes it out with a dance. Last night he decided it was time to break out his “Cason Dance”. It was a similar dance to the one we do every day I get home form work, that one is called the “Daddy’s Home Dance”. Lyrics are simple, “this is the daddy’s home dance….” then we go into a part where we “wiggle our booties”, and then “wiggle our toes”. Nothing crazy. Cason followed these lyrics, but made an adjustment based on the smiling faces and all the clapping. He pulled his pants down and yelled, “Now wiggle your pee pee!” And that’s when the party ended. Good times.
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Dat form tho! #bowlislife

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