J-Si’s Blog: A lil heartbreak on Valentines?
J-Si’s Blog: A lil heartbreak on Valentines?

I will just start by saying that this was possibly one of the best Valentines Day weekends I have ever had with my wife, coming in right behind our Valentines engagement, and baby announcement of Chloe. No extravagant gift, or trip, just some good ole one on one time. But, it did get started with a lil heartbreak.

I remember when I was working at a restaurant back in the day, a couple came in and you could tell something was wrong. The girl was crying uncontrollably. I was so curious to know what was wrong, but it was definitely not right for me to ask, so I hovered around their table hoping I’d get a clue. I did get that clue when she said, “I just can’t believe we didn’t get the house… this was it… we will never find one as perfect as that one.” Yup, she was crying uncontrollably because she did not get the house she wanted. I found it to be weird that someone would show such emotion over a house, I told myself I would probably never feel that over something so silly…

jsi-blog-021516-picWell, fast forward about 13 years, and here I am with my wife and kids, looking for the perfect house to anchor down, and get the future going. Great school district is the most important thing for us. On Friday, right before we took off to fulfill a childhood dream of watching Boyz II Men perform, Kinsey says she found a house that fits our (her) criteria. haha. So we set up a tour real quick, LOVED the house. Seriously, we fell in love with it. The layout, the size of the bedrooms, the kitchen… Kinsey kept saying, “this is it… this is our future house!” I could tell she was getting teary eyed because she wanted it. Our agent told us people had already made strong offers according to the agent selling the house. So I said, “let’s just go in with what they are asking for!” In my head I am scared, but happy, because I am thinking “WE GOT THIS!” As we are driving to Oklahoma, Kinsey and I send a message over to the owner of the house to let them know how much we loved their house for our family, because our agent had been told they wanted the house to go to a family that really, truly, loved it. THAT’S US! We felt so happy!

We went to the Boyz II Men show, which was incredible! You literally walk out of that show and know what every couple is about to do… We sang the whole time. Feeling good about the show, about finding the house of our dreams, our kids are awesome. Life is good. We even went to sleep relatively early to make sure our drive home was all good. Well, we woke up the next morning and had a missed call from our real estate agent. We call him back to get the good news, and I just see Kinsey’s body language go limp. She says, “ok… but what happened… why?… I don’t get it.” She hangs up the phone, looks at me with teary eyes and says, “we didn’t get the house… they decided to go with the other offer.” I thought of the couple from 13 years ago… I could understand the heartbreak now. It’s a weird feeling. How did I let myself become emotionally attached?! We didn’t cry hysterically, but it definitely was a quiet ride home. It felt like this future we had built in our heads made a U Turn. So we are back to square one. It wasn’t meant to be this time, but it still sucks. It’s like we aren’t good enough. Or we didn’t show the owner that we loved the house enough. On to the next find. Wish us luck!

Now, my awkward moment of the weekend. We took the kids to Monster Jam to watch the monster trucks do some awesome stuff! Loved it! We were watching the show and Kinsey nudges me and says, “Jose, I think the people sitting in the section below us are listeners, they are taking pictures… be nice and wave and smile!” I was thinking, really? That’s nice! So there I am with my wife and kids, posing for the cameras. Making silly faces, smiling, waving… all that good stuff. Then I realized that it almost felt like they were all looking past us… that’s when I started seeing some merch being thrown down from above us. Turns out it was Richard Ray Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage. I tried to act as if I was waving at somebody to pull it off, but it was too late, we looked dumb. It happens.