Well, that was the most eventful uneventful weekend I have had in a while. I know, that doesn’t really make sense, but it does to me. Cason ended up getting sick after his first week of school. We ended up finding out that he actually got sick when Kinsey went to a friends house on Sunday. It happens. Well, I started getting the “I might be getting it bug” on Thursday, but I felt it would pass… and then Friday came. We will call this “P-Day” because Kinsey started the puke-a-palooza around midnight. I joined shortly after that. This is when I finally realized that buying a house with two bathrooms was well worth it.

What makes things worse: I was supposed to go to New Orleans so that I could take part in Mardi Gras. Not only would I be there celebrating for the first time in my life, I would be on a float during the Endymion parade! That is a huge deal. Such a huge deal, that the big boss, George, was going to come along with me, and actually man the Dish Nation Cameras. Yes, the man who is in charge of our company was willing to point a camera at me for a couple of hours, to take part in this parade. Well, due to pukey McGee right here, my trip had to be canceled. I doubt they would let me on a plane in my condition. So, Boss George, who is from New Orleans and has never been a part of that parade, was now out of luck. I felt horrible. He said we could go next year, but the truth is that we may not get this chance again. I also found out that there was a possibility that I would have been on a float with Carrie Underwood. Big slap on the face… but these thing are
going to happen.

Chavez-survivorYou know who ended up surviving this stomach virus? The littlest one in the house… Chloe. We tried to keep her away, without ignoring her. So we did a lot of funny songs and dances from about four feet away. I may have just jinxed her. Hopefully, this has passed. We spent the day cleaning the entire house yesterday, to get rid of any germs that could get her sick.

Being sick did give us a chance to catch up on some movies. I got to pick, and ended up going with Gravity. It had the best reviews out of any other movie. Dallas Buyers Club was close, but Gravity looked good. Kinsey didn’t want to watch it because the description made it sound like a “weird space movie”. She was right. She hated it. Five minutes in, she was telling me that she hated it because it had no change of scenery. She said there was nothing fun about watching someone floating around in space. She hated that she couldn’t see George Clooney’s face clearly, because of the dang astronaut helmet, and she has revoked my chance to pick movies for a month… how does that happen? Shes the woman of the house. I personally loved the movie, but that’s me.