To quote the marvelous and extraordinary, Big Al Mack, I did something yesterday… that I have never done in my entire life! Ha! In all seriousness, it may have not been the best idea, but I got into the moment and went for it. Kinsey and I decided to take walk over to her sister’s house. As we approached her street, we saw two of her neighbors, both girls, jogging away from their street. I found it a bit odd due to the fact that they were both wearing sandals, and when they saw us they ran towards us and let us know that there was a creepy guy looking into Keley’s house (kinsey’s sister). Apparently, this guy had parked outside of the neighbors house, got out, walked up to the porch, and was looking into the windows for a few minutes. He then got into his car, drove up 20 feet, and parked in front of Keley’s house. They were so scared of this guy, that they ran out of their house as soon as he walked away.

While they were filling us in, the guy apparently got out of his car, walked halfway towards Keley’s front door, looking around, and spotted Keley and her friend eating at the dining room table, he then turned around slowly (I guess he didn’t realize they saw him), and tip toed back to his car. That is when we turned the corner with the girls. I saw the door shut. We stood there wondering what he was doing. He must have seen us at the end of the street, because I noticed that the brake lights went off, then back on. I started walking towards his car (still pushing the stroller), and he peeled out. I told Kinsey to grab a hold of the stroller, and I took off running after him to get the license plate. He made the second left into another street, so I took the first left, hoping to cut him off. He would either go towards the main street (smart thing to do), or I would end up cutting him off. I ended up not seeing his car, so I figured he went towards the main road. So I circled around that block, just in case. As I got close to Keley’s street, I passed an alley, looked to the right… and there he was! Stopped in the middle of the alley. So I started walking up behind him, saw the license plate, and that’s when I got close enough to see his eyes in the rearview mirror. We made eye contact, and I will admit that I got a bit nervous. I looked around and saw a pretty big rock, so I bent over and picked it up… just in case. That’s when he peeled out again. Did I think about throwing it? Yes, but I thought that would not be a wise choice, just in case he had a more efficient weapon than a rock. At least I had his license plate. I walked out of the alley and to Keley’s house as the police officers showed up. He asked where the guy went, and I pointed… boom! Cop peel out, and chase ensued. Not really. He came back 5 minutes later and said the guy probably got away.

I almost caught my first bad guy. I totally would have caught him if I was Usain Bolt. But, I got to live one of my dreams… to chase down a creepy dude who is messing with my family. Now I just need to live my other dream: 3rd string QB for the Chargers.