Welcome to the Cason Files! I just want reiterate something: Having a two year old is awesome… most of the time. Yesterday, was one of those days where he did something that really let me know he is my kid. Kinsey and I were in the kitchen after we put Chloe down to sleep. While Kinsey cleans up the kitchen, she usually has some music playing. I usually spend the last few minutes cuddling with Cason on the couch watching Mickey Mouse before he heads to sleep. I got up to go grab some water, walked into the kitchen just as Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” came on. So, I decided to give the wifey a lil dancing action. I was being silly, so I was doing the hip giration thing, and trying my best to dance like a Beyonce backup dancer. Kinsey was laughing at me because I was so spot on. I guess Cason heard the commotion because he was peeking around the island we have in the kitchen watching me dancing like a fool.

baby-with-no-diaperOnce we spotted him, he got a huge smile on his face, ran towards the middle of the kitchen, and started copying the dance I was doing. Lil two year old man doing a funny hip gyrating dance. We naturally laughed at his lil dancing. He was eating up the attention, and all of a sudden, to keep the party going, he reached down, and ripped his diaper off, as if it were some tearaway pants, threw his diaper off to the side (don’t worry, it was empty because he had just bathed), and continued his dancing. I love these moments!