The title says it all. I can’t think back of a weekend that was jammed pack like this one! Kicked off the weekend on Friday by getting invited to the Aerosmith concert. My buddy works for Samsung (buy their phones!), so he had access to some tickets. We ended up having a guy’s night, at Aerosmith. Can it get better? Yes!

My buddy Lee, who is a pretty big deal in the music world, happened to be at the show. I ended up telling him to come say hi when he had a chance, and he ended up handing me four tickets that he said he wasn’t using, and told me to have fun. We ended up on the floor, right in front of the stage! This is the best thing in the world, until you remember that Steven Tyler still does some Rock N Roll stuff with his frands. He likes to spit water, spray water, and throw instruments. I found myself hoping I would not get hit by his spit most of the time. Then my chance came! Steven finished a harmonica solo, and threw it into the crowd… straight towards me! I put my left hand up, and felt a push from behind, knocking me forward. I felt the harmonica hit the tip of my middle finger, and continue going, hitting the guy behind me on the forehead. I was that close.

Saturday, I healed up from the Aerosmith concert. I don’t recover as well as I used to. Plus, I didn’t want to do anything that would hinder my experience at Mr. Rasberry’s Bible Study. Yup, I attended, and I am glad. He was so happy to see all of us there. I will tell you this: Mr. Rasberry definitely has some charisma, and takes over the room. I actually had a great time, which kept me in a great mood for the main event of the weekend!

jsi-with-harry-blog-082514What was my main event? I know it sounds weird, coming from a grown man, but it was the One Direction concert. I told Kinsey I felt awkward being there without any kids. Just two adults, who left their kids with a sitter, at the 1D concert. This was also a big night because after a few phone interviews here and there, we would be meeting Harry Styles in person. This was more of a bid deal for Kellie and I… since we have taken a liking to the band. I had no idea we were going to meet Harry when we did. We were taken to the back stage area, and as we were walking up, I noticed that there was a guy standing there, and as I got closer I realized it was Harry. It was a bit surreal. I didn’t think he would just be standing by himself, and as I was walking up he said, “J-Si!” Took me a minute to process. In my head, I was thinking, “did he really just say my name?” As I walked closer I realized he did. Inside I was freaking out a bit. I don’t care who you are, if someone famous says your name, you freak out a bit. But I kept it cool, and just walked up and said, “what up, Harry!” Odds are someone told him our names before we walked up, but he still said it. We talked to him for a bit, took pictures, and headed back out to enjoy the show.

Problem: Not a good idea to go to the One Direction show after your ear started bleeding three days prior to that. It was like someone was shoving a needle in my ear every time the girls would scream. My advice: bring earplugs to that show.