My wife and I took advantage of what our YMCA has to offer this past weekend. They have a parents day out program. You take the kids in, pay some money, and they will watch them from 1-5 pm, or at least that’s the time that was offered on Friday. So Kinsey and I went ahead and said, “why not!” Saves us money on a sitter, and we get to spend alone time together. So what did we do on our big 4 hour date? Mostly eat.

sushi-roll-300x300We started off at a hotel pool to have a drink and a flatbread. Why? Because we had no idea on what to do. Driving more than 10 minutes away from the YMCA was risky because it was Friday and we didn’t want to deal with rush hour traffic. We had no bathing suits, so we moved on to our next destination… we did not have one planned. We ended up at a Sushi restaurant and we ate a lil bit more. When we hit the ATM up, we realized that we were completely matching. Weird. I know you start looking like your spouse as time passes. I guess matching is the first step.

Just like that three hours had passed, and it was almost time to head over to pick the kids up. So we decided to stop by Big Al’s bar… this was our mistake. Al was there talking to random dudes about who knows what. They were just constantly pointing at stuff around the bar, giggle, more pointing, laugh, point to a door, overlaughing, and finish it off with a handshake. Al finally finished, came over, we had a beer, talked with Dr. Girlfriend, and then Kinsey gave me the wrap up sign. It was time to go. We had 20 minutes to get the kids. As we’re saying goodbye, Al noticed that the girls were doing the girl goodbye, which lasts about 5 minutes, so he said “you have a lil time, right?” I didn’t know where he was going, so I said, “sure!” He then calls his bartender over and tells her to get us a nice order of chicken wings. I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS! He said it would be a couple of minutes. As the order is placed, Kinsey says, “we have to go!” Al looks at her and says, “its ok, baby! I got wings coming for you guys!” I am pumped because my day of eating will continue, thanks to Big Al.

Ten minutes later our wings our out! That gives us, roughly, five minutes to get to the kids… and we are 25 minutes away… until we hit the freeway, which happens to be at a standstill. We are going to be late. Kinsey is anxious, and slightly nauseous. Allegedly, she cannot stand chicken wing smell in close quarters. My bad.

We finally reach the YMCA, and see a lady coming out with her kid. Good, we are not the only ones! She actually looks super happy to see us. Why was she super happy to see us? Because she was not the last one to pick up her kid. We were. We took that long walk down the really quiet hallway, which is usually really loud when there are children around. We get to the big gym room where the kids are held. The lights are off, and sitting in the middle of the room sitting on yoga mats, facing each other, are Chloe and Cason. They did not do the usual jump up and run to us while screaming “yaaaay!!!” It was more of a slow get up, “you guys forgot about us” greeting. Kinsey says we will not use that again, because she is super embarrassed that we were so late to pick the kids up.

To make matters worse, I told myself I would only eat 6 of the 20 wings Al gave us, and share the rest. I ended up eating all of them… I failed.

In other news I took Cason to watch Hotel Transilvania 2. It was decent, except Cason was the overreactor at the movies. He would scream, and loud laugh. He even sang along to “Worth it” by 5th Harmony… nothing better than your baby boy singing, “Give it to me, I’m worth it!” Lady next to him was laughing, so I guess we didn’t annoy her too much.