Is it sad that I get super excited when we are able to get someone to watch Cason so we can go see a movie? haha! Kinsey and I were finally able to hit the movies. It was our first time since November, I think. I lose track. We watched Django, and here is my educated review: legit! The only thing that I was worried about was the whole “n” word thing being a little too much. Honestly, it didn’t have more “n” bombs than a Jay Z album. There was an annoying man that was sitting in front of us, who was cheering on the slave owners during the movie. It was a little to blatant for my taste.

He ended up walking out of the movie for some reason. Maybe because the slave owners were not really winning, or maybe he had my problem. What was my problem? I drank too many liquids, and this was a very long movie. You have to time it just right, so that you don’t miss anything. Well, I got to the point where I had to leave the theater to take care of business. Did I time it right? Well, if you think missing the big fight scene is timing it right, then I did just fine. haha. That has never happened to me, and I was the guy who had to get filled in by Kinsey, and she likes to keep it simple. I promise this wont give much of the movie away if you have not watched it, but her description of what I missed was: “Jaime Foxx and the other guy got into a gun fight, and a bunch of people got shot… I wasn’t really looking because it was too bloody.” There you have it. I was filled in.

Now, let’s move on to my awkward Cason moment. Did we make a little run to Target? Heck yeah we did! Had to buy some new PJ’s and some diapers. As Cason and I are sitting in line, a lady started giving Cason some attention. Cason is around the age where he is starting to try to talk. Usually, its just baby babble, like having a conversation with Big Al on a Saturday night around 1:45 am. I believe the lady said, “well, aren’t you the cutest little guy ever?!” Cason was smiling taking it all in, and did not a miss a beat, because after she complimented him he said “buck yeah!” No big deal, right? Well, it sounded like he took a page out of daddy’s confidence book and said the more mature version of “heck yeah”.
heckyeahThe lady’s eyes got pretty wide, as did mine. Cason then started repeating it loudly. It was so close to the “F” bomb, that people were staring at us, and I had to explain to them that he was just saying “buck yeah”. I have no idea where he picked that up, but it is his favorite thing to say all day every day. So we may have to keep him out of public areas while this persists. Yay!