Well, I became a man last night, according to Kinsey. I fixed our garbage disposal. Took it apart, got rid of what was keeping it from working, put it back together, and it worked. We were actually going to call for some guy to come out and take a look at it, but people that come to your house and look at your pipes (thats what she said), are expensive. My conversation went a lil like this:

Kinsey: you want me to call somebody?

Me: nope, I’ll do it.

Kinsey: but its been broken for two weeks…

Me: I’ll do it right now.

Kinsey: do you even know how a garbage disposal works?

Me: Yeah, I turn the switch on.

Kinsey: not what I meant. Just don’t break it.

cason-potty-bottomSo, I obviously had the support of the family. Kinsey was going to give Cason a bath, so I set Chloe up in a lil chair about 5 feet away from me, so she could watch daddy do some work. I got my computer, and looked up “how to remove a garbage disposal”. The video was surprisingly accurate. I had this on lock. Feeling all good. After cleaning that bad boy up, I installed it back in there. As I was finishing up, Cason ran out. He does his victory naked run around the house every time he takes a bath. Chloe was still sitting in her little chair. It’s one of those chairs that can rock, has some toys hanging down from a lil bar that goes over the chair, and sits about 6 inches off the floor. Cason was standing by her, watching daddy do work along with her. Then, for no reason, he started saying pee pee! I look over, as I finished up, and these words came out of my mouth, “Cason! We do not pee on your sister!!! Please don’t do that!”

Yup. That happened. At least he said “uh oh!”