Celebration time! My wife and I did the most adult thing we have ever done. We successfully pulled off the buying of our new house, and the selling of our old one. A little bit of luck on both sides of it. First of all, thank God for Kinsey, because she got the new house going. I have been traveling for work a lot the last couple of weeks. Meanwhile, she has worked hard, while taking care of two kids, and got the house looking like a home. I figured there would be some left over stuff that I was not able to get to before traveling, but she got that done. How? I don’t know. She’s superwoman, I think.

But, the moving into the new house was not the toughest thing… it was letting go of our old house, and yesterday it was officially not ours. The new owners took over yesterday. Kinsey called me while I was still at the studio. I answered my phone and she said, “Jose?!” I replied with “yeah?” and that’s when she broke down into some serious crying. Right away I thought something had happened, this was a for reals crying. The you can barely get a word out type of crying. I am sitting there hoping everything is ok, because I cannot understand a word she is saying. She finally calms down a bit. So I ask her again, “What happened.” She is able to blurt out, “It’s not our house anymore… (more crying while talking, can’t understand)… I didn’t think it would be this hard… (more crying/words/sniffling).”

jsis-blog-pic-050316It’s true. It is probably harder on her because she was at home with the kids all day. The watching our kids play in the backyard, while she is in the kitchen. Playing soccer with Cason. Being pregnant with Chloe. Her first steps in the playroom. The beginnings of the “daddy’s home dance”. Our first official Christmas trees and decorating. The little crayon lines in the laundry room from Cason and Chloe. Playing hide and seek, and finding the kids hiding in our closet every single time. A bunch of these memories, and more, that we created in the house started flooding Kinsey’s mind. She had to pull to the side. I didn’t get the chance to do that. I didn’t go inside the house after we cleared it. I never saw the backyard without the kid’s swing set, I didn’t get to watch the new owners meet our neighbors that we had grown close to… and it was probably for the best. I would have been emotional too. Kinsey said it felt weird. Like willingly watching your ex move on to have a super happy life.

I didn’t grow up in a home. I lived in apartments. This was the first home that I could call my own, with a backyard, and a front yard. I will never forget it. But, we did what is best for our family in the future… and what is best for our family? Not having to pay a crazy amount of money for private school, because we def would not be able to afford it. ha! Wish us luck in the new house!