Well, Kinsey was freaked out all day yesterday. Why? Because she was facebook jacked. Some man, a random man, found her profile, took some of her pictures, and started a fake profile using two pictures of Kinsey and Cason… two very old pictures of them, from when Cason was a newborn.

She freaked out, naturally, but I tried to tell her that this happens all the time. People create fake profiles, to create fake lives, and who knows how he came across it. It happens. She reported it, and I am pretty sure that man’s fake life as a woman in her twenties with a new baby born will end just like that.

image-search-jsiThis got me thinking, “I wonder how many people are using my picture for their fake profile.” And what kind of person are they using me to become. So for the first time ever I used the google image search. This way you can see what websites are using a picture. Same thing the catfish guys use. So I threw a few of my old profile pictures in from my personal profile.

Good news: I did not find any of my pictures being used in any other websites, besides a couple of blog postings, and radio station stuff. Even a couple fo #mcm from some nice gentlemen.

Funny news: the “visually similar” images… the ones of people that look extremely similar to you… are mostly Asian people, and mostly women. I am pretty sure Google listens to the show, and is just getting at me.