I believe this was my third Father’s Day as a daddy… but my first with both kids. This day probably means more to me than it does for most, because of what has happened in my life, especially these first few years of my kids lives. When I was my son and daughters age, I did not have a Father around to celebrate this day with. My mom didn’t meet my dad until I was around Cason’s age, and I didn’t start calling him dad until I they got married when I was five. Bio dad was not around back then, and I have forgiven him for it, because he was a teenager, and because I know there were other circumstances involving their parents. Given that, I take this day seriously. I don’t see it as a day to celebrate being a father, because becoming a father is something any man can do, I take it as a day to celebrate being there, and setting a good example for my kids. That is what my dad did for me. He took me in as his own child, treated me as his own, and loved me as his own. He gave up his life in Mexico, so that I could make something of myself here, because that’s what my mom wanted for me all along. That is a “Dad”.

Kinsey ended up making this day pretty special. She kept talking about this big surprise that she had planned for me. So on Friday night, she got a babysitter and everything. The surprise took place on Saturday. She would not tell me anything… she wanted to, but I kept telling her I wanted to be surprised, because she tends to blow her cover every time she attempts one. We went to a restaurant that we hit up last time we had date night, and met up with our friends. My mind started to work. I knew we had to be somewhere by 8pm, and it was getting close to that point, so I started thinking about what shows were in town, concerts, comedy, extreme sports… and I could not really pin point it.

jsis-tat-of-chloe-feetAt 7:55, Kinsey says we have to go, and I was wondering what could possibly be 5 minutes away… she didn’t plan me a surprise party for Father’s Day, did she? That would be weird. She reached into her purse and pulled out some papers in a folder. I thought, “great! she’s serving me divorce papers the Friday before Father’s Day!” Luckily, it was not that. It was a piece of paper with Chloe’s footprints… why? Because I have been planning on getting my Chloe tattoo for months, just like the one I have for Cason, but I really have not had much time. Kinsey made the time for me. I was genuinely surprised, except that my wife almost blew the surprise now that I think about it, because she brought up the tattoo shop being across the street while we were eating. The two girls started talking about tattoos a lil bit too much, but I didn’t suspect she would be planning that.

Surprise was not done there. Kinsey decided to go in on a cabana at a country club pool with her friend on actual Father’s Day. Grab some mimosas. Do a little swimming. Get a lil tan going… problem is: she got me the tattoo on Friday and sun and water are a tattoos worst enemy… so I would have been miserable sitting in 95 degree weather with a t-shirt on. We decided to scrap that, and did the breakfast thing, and hanging out at home together. Cason and Chloe got me a card that they colored all over, Chloe was also colored by Cason. Yeah, he painted her face witha blue permanent marker. We managed to get most of it off before going to eat. Then we spent the rest of the day playing in the backyard, until Cason stepped in dog poo two times in a row. I’d call this a very successful Father’s Day 🙂