Ok, it may not really be school. Cason is only going twice a week, but that’s what we are calling it to get him used to the term, so that when the day really comes, it is not a shock. Kinsey said she was going to lose it and cry, but after talking to her, she seemed fine. No tears were shed. In fact, she said she was smiling because Cason got really excited when he saw all the kids.

Cason-learning-ABCsEvery time he goes in, we will be getting a report. This could be good, or demoralizing as a parent, because you want your kid to behave and I have not control when we are not around. Luckily, first day was no problem. He played, he napped, he ate, and he played. Kinsey and I went to pick him up together, and when he saw us, he smiled and ran straight to me and jumped in my arms. Have you seen those shows and movies where they do that? Yeah, it was the same exact thing. It really happens like it does in movies. I tried to spend the rest of the day trying to ask him what he learned, in Spanish, but I think I am a little overzealous with this being his first day. Kinsey did ask him who he missed the most while he was at school and he said: Mickey. Good times.

Now, to my daddy accident of the day. Cason and I like to go in the backyard, he hops into a plastic bin, and I push him around like a sled. We have done this numerous times. The one time Kinsey comes out to watch us this happens. I start pushing Cason, the bin catches on a weed, and the bin snaps where I am holding it, and I fly over Cason and land about three feet away. Cason is laughing hysterically, Kinsey is laughing hysterically, and I have to tuck my tail between my legs. haha. I ended up with a cut up hand, and a bruised ego. See Kids, that’s what happens when you try to show off in front of girls.