This week, Kinsey’s grandma is coming to visit us. You know what that means? My wife is in full on “keep it clean, or I’ll get mean” mode. We’ve talked about what a clean freak Kinsey is on the show. It’s cute, mostly because it balances us out. I’m not a pig or anything, but I don’t tend to dwell on a couple of things being out of place. Kinsey on the other hand, gets rid of that potential messy build up right away. The only time we have any sort of grinding the gears moment regarding this is when we have company. If we have company coming to town, our house needs to be pristine, which is nearly impossible to do with two kids.

For example: We washed our bed sheets on Friday. By Saturday, we needed to wash them again. Why? Because Kinsey had put some orange juice for me on my night stand. I get to sleep in a little on Saturdays. Cason decided he wanted to play, so to wake me up, he picked up my orange juice and poured it on me. Where did he learn that? I don’t know.

Or, Cason went into the fridge, got some leftover enchiladas (shout out), and thought they were play dough, and smashed them all over the living room rug… right after Kinsey finished cleaning and vacuuming the front room.

So you can imagine how Kinsey felt.

I haven’t mentioned Chloe as a suspect in any dirty house crime, because she still can’t get around.

candy-in-kids-handsOnce that happened, I decided to get Cason out of the house. So we went to the store to buy some guy treats. Some chips, some cookies, and some beef jerky. We could head back home and watch some manly movies… like Frozen, for the 10 millionth time. We got ourselves all set up with stuff. I paid for our goodies, we ran to the car (it was raining), got in and headed home. Halfway home, Cason starts brandishing a candy bar… and I went into a moral panic mode. Cason has gotten into his pockets lately. He loves them. Mostly, he loves putting stuff in them. So I am a getaway driver for a 2 year old criminal. I decided to turn the car around, and drive back to the store to pay for what Cason just stole. We walked in, after I gave Cason the “we do not take things” speech, he had his little head down. I made him put the candy on the counter, and say “sorry”. He did. Then the lady looked at the candy and said, “thats not from our store, we don’t sell that here.” Whoops. Apparently, Cason had been holding on to that candy in his pocket for a while, or it was in his car seat and he found out. I don’t know, but I felt like a huge jerkwad. So I bought Cason juice, and he forgave me, or still had no idea what was happening. One of the two.