Bittersweet day… We finally let Delilah go. Yes, we did delay the process because it was so difficult to do, but we have to think of little Cason. Delilah definitely does not like him as much as he likes her… and he is getting to the age where he can actually sneak up on her to pet her. The only problem with this attempt at showing his love is that he is not the average size, and strength of a 1 year old. So you mix a couple of accidental smacks to the face and body, that were meant to be a gentle pat, and you got yourself an unpredictable dog. We already had a couple close calls. She is an active dog, who needs to play, run, and be shown constant attention… unfortunately, we can’t do that for her right now. She is going to our friend, who gave her to us, and Kinsey did ask if she could have her back if it was too tough. That means we will probably have her back soon, because Kinsey could not stop crying yesterday. Ok, I cried too. I couldn’t help it. She is part of our family, so I am looking at it as if she were going off to college to learn how to potty and play well with others. So to put it in layman’s terms: we just can’t give her the attention she deserves, and there may be a second reason for that…

This is Valentine’s day, and I suck at getting everyone a card… I struggle with just having something ready for Kinsey. So this year, I decided to make an E-card. So I would like to present this to you:


Surprise!!!! As you can tell by this funny little picture of Cason, Kinsey and I are expecting another little addition to our family. I want to give Cason everything I always wanted as a kid, and this was the number one thing. Having a little brother or sister when I was growing up was always something I wanted… but that was a little tough for my mom to do since she had me so young. She wanted to wait a little before having my sister, but the 12 years between us is a big gap, and I had outgrown the whole wanting to play with little kids by then. We are so excited! I can’t even describe it. We wont find out the sex of the baby for another few weeks, but I will keep everyone posted! Do you know how hard it was to keep this a secret when we found out?!?! haha. So if you see Kinsey around town, stop trying to buy her a drink because I heard drinking is really bad while pregnant 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!