J-Si’s Blog: He’s learning… kind of
J-Si’s Blog: He’s learning… kind of

I have started learning that kids take things incredibly literally. This leads to having lots of fun with kids, and to some misinterpretations of every day life. For example: I have told Cason that the ice cream truck plays music when the ice cream is going home to go to sleep. So when he hears the ice cream truck, he no longer tries to run out of the house to chase it down, like he did in the past. Now he runs to the window, and says “bye-bye, ice cream! Nigh nigh!!!”

Then there’s the science part of life. Biology. All that good stuff. We start learning about that very early, because it is all around us. This weekend, Cason saw his first bird’s nest. It was resting on the tree in our backyard, and low enough for him to spot it… The bird got lazy, or maybe the higher braches were already rented out. I don’t know. So I lifted him up and showed him the nest. He is in the “whats that?” stage of life. So he asks “whats that?” until you don’t answer any more. It is the cutest/most aggravating thing in the world, but I still love sitting on the couch answering his questions. This is how our conversation went regarding the nest:

jsi-cason-eggCason: What’s dat?

Me: it’s a bird’s nest.

Cason: whats dat? (pointing at the eggs)

Me: those are eggs.

Cason: eggs?

Me: yeah.

Cason: whats dat?

Me: eggs are where little baby birds live, their mommy sits on them, and they come out when they are ready.

Cason: ohhhh! Whats dat?

Me: thats a rollie polly….

As you can tell, the nest conversation did not last long, before we moved on to the next subject. Three days later, I was at home with the kids. Kinsey went to get her nails done. Why? Because she deserves it… that’s why! I was changing Chloe’s diaper, when I heard Cason go into the kitchen, and open the fridge door. I don’t really freak out when this happens, because Cason is pretty good about only touching “Cason food”. He will grab his water, or a cheese stick, and he normally brings it to us so we can open it for him. Sometimes, he just likes to take a look in the fridge for fun. I do that all the time, but I actually hope that some delicious food will magically appear. I heard the door shut, and he went back to the living room. I guess he didn’t want food.

A few seconds later, I hear “uh oh! Uh oh, papa!” I yelled out, and said, “everything ok, Cason?” He replied with another “uh oh!” I put Chloe down to let her crawl, and headed towards Cason in the living room. I walked in and this is what I saw:

There was a brown blanket on the couch, it had been balled up… actually, looked like a big nest. Inside of this makeshift nest, were three eggs… three raw scrambled eggs. Now I shifted my eyes over to Cason, who was standing there with his hands over his mouth, and what appeared to be egg butt. Yeah, there was some egg action running down his butt onto the carpet. He looked at me and said, “I want bird, papa! Uh oh!”

I wish I would have taken a picture, but I went into full on cleanup mode. Dang it! Gotta remember to get that camera out and get those shots in the future.

He was trying to make the eggs hatch. I give him an “A” for effort. In his defense, I never told him that only birds could make eggs hatch… and that refrigerated eggs are no longer able to hatch as well. So that’s on me. A lil cleanup, and all was well again. With that said, I am telling him that candy comes from washing dishes and taking out the trash.