Well, my friends can sure be deflating. I was super excited, because I finally made up my mind. I got a new phone, and I waited patiently for it to come in. What do we like to do when we get something new? Tell our friends, so that they can rejoice with us… right?! When someone says, “hey, I got a new car!” Your friend will say, “awesome!!!” Or, “I got a new outfit!” Your friend will say, “I can’t wait to see it!”. I said “outfit”, didn’t I? Dang it.

Anyways, I got my new phone and I called three friends… and I stopped after three.

friends-ruin-everythingCall one:
Me: dude! I got a new phone, finally! I’m pumped!
Frank: yeah? what did you end up with?
Me: the new iPhone 5s… I got the gold!
Frank: why? Isn’t that one for girls?

Call two:
Me: got the new Iphone 5s, buddy! Gold status!
Eric: That’s the one my wife got.
Me: so?
Eric: I thought that was the girl one.

Call Three:
Me: finally got my new phone!
Reggie: what’d you go with?
Me: the gold Iphone 5s.
Reggie: …
Me: soooo.
Reggie: what do I say to not hurt your feelings?

Did I make a mistake? I thought dudes can have gold stuff too! Rappers have them. My Mexican uncles all have gold stuff. Now I am self-conscious of my phone. I think I am going to post it on Ebay and sell it to someone in China and make some money and buy a new one. Friends sure can ruin something on the quick, cant they? Haha.

In other news, we started trying to potty train Cason. He tells us when he goes poo poo now, and he also takes his diaper off, and when we ask if he has to go potty, he goes to the bathroom. So I sit him on the toilet, he chills there for 6 minutes, gets bored, and wants to get off the toilet. He then promptly pees on the floor. Good news is, he only slipped on one out of three of his accidents today. And at least he pees in the vicinity of the toilet. Baby steps.