It has already been a year since we lost Kidd. Can you believe it? It honestly does not feel like it has been that long. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I have often found myself talking to him. Reading old text messages. You know that feeling? You just want some sign that they are there. I have had dreams about him, but he never talks in them. This weekend, I had two moments that made me smile. I don’t know how I feel about spirits visiting us… or if it is even possible. I have always been skeptical about this, but I am looking at it in a completely different light.

cason-wearing-hat-blogOn Friday, Kinsey, Cason, Chloe, and I were all hanging out in our living room. It’s our Friday routine. I play guitar, we sing, we dance, we play indoor soccer… all that. Out of nowhere, Cason ran to my bedroom. He does this from time to time. We stayed in the living room with Chloe. Cason came back a few minutes later. My mouth dropped. He came in wearing one of my hats and saying “I love this hat!” What hat was he wearing? Out of the 15+ hats I own. He grabbed one that Kidd bought me about 2 years ago when he went to Paris. He bought it for me because he saw that it said “KENZO” and it reminded him of Kinsey and me. So, as you can imagine, this hat is extremely special to me. I try not to overwear it because I don’t want it to ever get ruined. I usually place it in the middle of one of the stacks of hats, so that it stays in good shape. When I went back to my closet, I noticed Cason had thrown my hats all over the place… and grabbed the “KENZO”
one. Kidd, was that you? I hope so.

Then this happened. Kinsey had yoga, so I stayed back with the kids. About 15 minutes passed, and I glanced at my phone, and noticed Kinsey had called me 5 times in a row. My heart sunk. She is not one to call that many times, unless something happened. I called her back, and when she picked up, I could tell she was shaken up. She told me that a guy just ran a red light and t-boned her. This didn’t happen on a lil slow side street, this happened on a road with “highway” in its name. Kinsey was in the right lane, light turned green, and she started to go, the car next to her stopped… why? Because they noticed this car coming at them. Kinsey was not able to see him in time. The man attempted to avoid Kinsey, but it was too late. He slammed into her. When Kinsey told me this, I pictured to mangled up cars. I grabbed the kids, and we headed out there. As I arrived, I noticed that the mans car had in fact been messed up quite a bit. Bumper was hanging off, the hood was twisted up. Then I moved over to Kinsey. I asked if she was ok, and she said, “I don’t know how, but ‘yes’.” Then I looked at the car. It had a small bend by the back door on the driver’s side… and that is it. Some scratches on the rim, and on the body, but it did not look like a car that had just been t-boned. Kidd, was that you? I know it was.

Thank you for letting me know you are watching over my family! I miss you!