Last night Kinsey and I got to attend a screening of “Neighbors” with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. If Seth Rogen is in a movie, I will go watch it, even if he did call me garbage compared to Zac… because, aren’t all guys garbage compared to that guy. He looks like a dang ken doll. The movie was great… mostly because Seth plays a married dude, with a new baby, so Kinsey and I related to all of the comedy. In fact, my life is a toned down version of the movie, because we live next door to some college guys, but they dont party as hard. Anyways, I give it five out five shout outs. Go see it.

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 10.19.02 AMOn the way home from the movie, Kinsey and I stopped to get some food, because we were hungry. As we sat in the drive thru, this conversation took place:

Kinsey: I talked with Home Goods on instagram today (Home Goods is one of Kinsey’s favorite stores… they sell home goods. ha!)

Me: yeah? what about?

Kinsey: well, I sent them a message because they posted a picture of some cute patio furniture.

Me: thats not talking to them… you wrote them a message on instagram. Did they reply?

Kinsey: I dont know… I have no idea how to check it. I was the first comment, though!

(I show her)

Me: did they write back?

Kinsey: oh man, I was actually the third comment.

Me: ok but…

Kinsey (interrupting): Oh my god!!!! Home Goods wrote me back!!!!!!!!

Me: a social media guy wrote you back.

Kinsey: this is soooooo cool.

Me: they pay someone to write people…

Kinsey (on the phone): Amber!!!! Home Goods wrote me on instagram!!!!!

Me: geez.

Kinsey (off the phone): this is the coolest thing that has happened to me!

Me: we have two kids.

Kinsey: you know what I mean.

Me: how many comments did that picture have?

Kinsey: 24…

Me: and 12 were responses to the 12 comments.

Kinsey: so?

Me: I love you.

Yup, my wife fangirled because a store wrote her on instagram. What did the message say?

“@homegoods do you sell the patio furniture? I was just there and only saw a few mismatched chairs, is there a complete set?”

and their response:

“thanks for reaching out! we have new shipments arriving weekly, so check your HomeGoods often for more arrivals!”

haha! that is the message that made her go all fan girl.