Well, it’s official, we had a Chavez house ruling yesterday, and have determined that Kinsey Chavez will no longer be allowed near Cason, or Chloe, with scissors. No, she did not hurt them, but she did make a whoopsie. Cason had picture day at his school yesterday. Kinsey wanted him to look extra cute, and determined that the hairs next to his ears were hanging just a lil too low. So, she decided to give him a little trim. Usually, you go around the ear… not Kinsey, she accidentally went straight across, and made Cason’s hair look like this:


No bueno. Poor Cason has no idea that he looks like he got attacked by a wolverine on the left side of the head. Hopefully, the school caught that, and took pictures of his good side. To give Kinsey credit, at least it was better than the haircut my dad gave me back in 5th grade, where he literally took a salad bowl, placed it on my head, and literally shaved the hair that was showing. Seriously. That happened to me. So at least it wasn’t that bad… Kinsey knew when to stop, and for that, I am grateful. haha