My buddy Big Al Mack hit the deli for us yesterday. I handed him my debit card, and told him what I wanted to eat. Believe it or not, Al did not mess anything up. He remembered everything I asked for, and included a bonus banana. That’s his thing. He just buys bananas lately for no reason. I ate, enjoyed it, moved along with my day.

wallet-no-moneyI left work yesterday, and headed out to the store to pick some stuff up. It was quite a bit of stuff. The total flashed on the register… there were about three people behind me… I pulled my wallet out, while having a nice lighthearted conversation with the dude at the register. We were laughing, and smiling, and then my smile changed. I opened my wallet, and my card was gone. Worst feeling ever. I had some cash, but not enough, and people were looking at me with the “did his card decline?” look. I went into full on “trace back every step” mode and remembered that I had given my card to Al, who had left the card in the little plastic bag from the deli. Al tends to throw things away when we finish the radio show, and move on to finish the TV show. No big deal, I called someone back at the studio to look for it in the trash, and I headed out that way. Halfway back to work, Nick called and said he looked in both trash cans, and no card.

That’s when I called Al and informed him that he threw my card away. I could tell that Al felt bad, I even threw in that Nick did not find the card in the trash. But, I headed to work anyway. I walked in, Kellie was getting ready to head to the gym, and I started searching. I found two deli bags… no card. I was baffled. It had to be there. Then I remembered that I ate my eggs in the production room… so I took a chance. I went in there, looked inside the trash can, moved one small bag from the top, and there it was: The deli bag containing my card. Dang it. I was the one who threw it away, Big Al was not guilty, ya’ll got to feel me. So, ma bad, Al.