J-Si’s Blog: Awesome Father’s Day
J-Si’s Blog: Awesome Father’s Day

Is it Monday already? Yup! I did have an awesome Father’s Day tho, so there’s that. I have come to the conclusion that Father’s Day is like a second birthday. Why? Because I got to use it as an excuse all day. Like when Kinsey said, “will you change Cason, he just pooped.” Here’s the thing, I don’t mind changing Cason’s diaper, in fact, I do it all the time… but his poo diapers have gotten progressively worse. So when she said that, I just gave her a nice lil, “but its fathers day,” with a slight smirk, and I was good. She said she would do that one, but I would have to change the next one if he went 2 for 2 (thats what we call a two poo day). I was also able to get out of taking out the trash, picking up my dirty clothes, and I got to watch the basketball game… those are all the things I try to get away with all the time, but fail miserably. Not on this day… I had the 4 magical words:

1. but

2. it’s

3. Father’s

4. Day

So what did I get for my first big day? I got a really awesome phone cover, why is it awesome? Because it has my favorite picture of Cason on it, and I also got a really nice card, and Kinsey let Cason scribble on it. His very first attempt at writing… or art. I know, some people may think that Kinsey could have done the scribbling. So how did I know that Cason did it? Because when I woke up I noticed that Cason had pen marks on his face and his little hands. Kinsey did not have a chance to wash it off before I woke up. Then they took me to breakfast. I would like to say that as Cason gets older, it becomes more of a whooping to go to restaurants. Not because he is a bad boy, because he actually behaves pretty well, but mostly because I feel like I am carrying about 75 lbs everywhere I go. We have come to the conclusion that the stroller is not very easy to maneuver in restaurants due to the amount of bumping that happens between the stroller and irritable older people. So now I just carry his car seat. Then we capped off the day going to our friends pool. Happy day! I enjoyed every second I got to spend with my two favorite people… hanging with Cason and Kinsey was cool too. I kid, I kid 🙂