Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I got this!” I do it every day, and yesterday was one of those days where I needed to make myself feel like I could handle anything because I was spending the entire day with the Cason. Have I mentioned that there was no nap to be had? I would have been able to nap for an hour before Kinsey had to leave, but I ended up having to come home and shower due to the jug of milk I poured all over myself for no reason. If you watched Dish Nation, you understand what I am talking about… if you did not watch, shame on you 😉 I will say that I kinda want to create my own trend called: “Hawt Saucing”. You basically just pour hot sauce all over yourself. Thinking about that now, that sounds stupid… pretty sure that will burn your eyeballs out.

Anyways, Kinsey left the house at 1:30 pm because she was hosting a fashion event and had to go get her makeup and hair did. Lucky! So, from that time on it was me, and Cason, who is starting to think he can run now. When people said I would have to be chasing him around like crazy they were not joking. He took off on me, ran into the kitchen, tripped, and fell into a cabinet. He laughed that off, got up and ran towards his room… and fell on his pile of clean clothes. He then saw Dex, and decided to try to chase him. Dex, juked…Cason fell as he tried to grab his tail. All that was within the first 15 minutes of my adventure. He also managed to get his diaper off and was walking around, while peeing, and slipped on his pee. Once again, he found that hilarious and laughed. This happened at around 4:30 pm, which is when I decided to give him a bath, and get him ready. We were not staying in that house. By 6 pm, we were walking out the door to go see mommy at her event. I was not willing to see what else he would get into. I still can’t believe he took his diaper off and slipped on his pee. I’m not even mad at that, I am actually quite impressed! haha.

Bonus Cason news: He was drinking his milk before bed time, and stuck his pinky out… which is how I drink my dranks! When in doubt, pinky out… that’s what I always say 🙂 Good times!