Good news/bad news time. Good news: Cason is starting talk a lot more. Sure, his pronunciation is off with certain words, but he is trying really hard to say things now. Bad news: sometimes we don’t understand him. So while we learn and adapt to his baby language, he may have some melt downs. He also can pick up curse words very easily now.

If adults don’t want our children to curse, how come they created the easiest curse word vocabulary? Have you noticed that? The worst of the worst words, are one syllable words. Easy to spell, say, rhyme with… all that stuff kids need to make it easy to say. Well, this started with Cason. We had a close call a few months ago, when Cason snuck out of the shower, slipped and fell. I let out the “oh s***!” because he fell hard. He was fine, but he did say that a few times that night, but that was it. Didn’t happen again. We were in the car yesterday, and out of nowhere he starts saying, “I want s***! I want s***!” Kinsey and I looked at each other with wide eyes. So we stayed calm, I looked back and asked if he had to go potty, since that is slowly being introduced to him. He said, “no papa! I wan s***!” So I asked if he just wanted stuff, and he replied with a “yes.” I didn’t know what “stuff” he wanted, which led to him getting frustrated and crying.

We arrived at the birthday party we were headed to, and again, Cason ran around the house screaming “s***! s***!” We got the, get your kid under control, before my kid starts repeating that look. We tried as best we could.

lays-potato-chips-casonAnd then it happened. Kinsey had her girls night out last night, so I had the kids. I took them to the store, and as we are waiting in line, Cason starts saying it again: “I want s***, papa! I want s***!” Of course, everyone is staring at us now, because he wont stop screaming it. Chloe is sitting there laughing, and I am getting flustered. He keeps saying it, and starts pointing at the rack by the checkout register. I look over and noticed that he was pointing at some Lays Chips. That’s when it clicked! I asked him, “you want chips?” He looked at me, with relief, and said “yea! I wa s***, papa! Pease?” I am having a heart to heart with him at this moment, “so you weren’t cursing the last few days, you just wanted chips?!” He is now jumping with excitement because he noticed that I realized what he wanted. “yea! yea! s***!!!! mmmmmmm!!!! yum!” It still sounds bad, but at least Cason is not cursing on purpose! So that’s good! I got him his chips. Crisis averted!