J-Si’s Blog: Parenting Fail… caution, this is a PG13 blog
J-Si’s Blog: Parenting Fail… caution, this is a PG13 blog

I have reached the point with my son, Cason, where I definitely cannot slip anything or word past him. He pays attention to everything… EVERYTHING! Yesterday, all of us were hanging out in the family room, when Cason got up ran to his room and grabbed a book. He brought it back to me and asked me to read it to him. The book is “Pat the Bunny”. It’s a nice book, with pop up art, and all that good stuff.

Pat-The-Bunny-Board-BookI’ve read this book to him in the past, but I noticed something different this time. I got to the page a birthday cake pops up, and you sing a birthday song to the bunny. But this time, as I opened the page slowly, I made a quick observation, looked over at Kinsey, and as discretely as I could I told her what I noticed. I said, “babe, look! If you don’t open the page all the way, the cake looks like a vagina.” I know, it was a juvenile observation, but I do think that a lot of kid movies and books have little things like that for us parents to find. Kinsey looked at it and said, “Oh my! It does!!!” That was it… or so we thought.

Cason pointed at the cake once I opened completely and said, “whats that? vagina?” I laughed because it was so unexpected, and corrected him by telling him it was a cake. He was not having it. To him, it was no longer called “cake”. So he started saying, “mmmmm, I wanna eat vagina!” Kinsey and I looked at each other, trying our hardest not to laugh. It was difficult. So we did our best to ignore it, while our 2-year-old screamed “I wanna eat vagina,” all over the house. Kinsey needed something from the store, so she thought taking him with me would take his mind off of what he kept repeating over and over. I agreed, and took him with me.

So there we are, walking the isles, and Cason is doing his normal Cason thing asking me “whats that? a book?” and “whats that? toys?” or “whats that? juice?” Basically, everything is a question… until we reached THE isle of no return. This isle had three ladies. Two in their thirties, and a nice old lady. Cason did not bother to ask what anything was in the isle, he just pointed at the box with the picture of a fluffy cake on it, that was directly behind the older lady and screamed, “yum! I wanna eat that vagina, papa!” The lady looked shocked, as she should be, and Cason just kept pointing saying “I wanna eat vagina” and “papa, buy vagina!!!”

My face was as red as the red velvet cake on the red velvet cake mix box. I quickly pulled Cason along, as he screamed “I wanna eat vagina!!! Please, Papa!!!” Good times.