I don’t know what to blame it on… mostly because Chloe is almost 2 years old, and Kinsey is not remotely pregnant, but something happened again. I’ll admit that the first time this happened I was not happy at all, but this time, I am actually good with it.

This weekend, one of Kinsey’s cousins is getting married in Vermont. I have always wanted to go to Vermont because it’s one of those super beautiful places that everyone, who has visited, loves! Well, I was super excited until I found out how difficult the trip would be. See, we have a pretty long morning, and anytime we have to travel, I it wipes us out, and it takes a bit to recover. So here is what my traveling looks like for Vermont on Friday:

Vermont-300x300Wake up and go to work. Do our radio show. Film our TV show. We should be getting done between noon and 1 pm. I would then catch the 3 pm flight to Boston (that is not Vermont), land at about 8 pm local time. Rent a car, and take a nice 2 hour drive to Vermont, get to the hotel at around 10:30 pm. Wake up at 7 am for the festivities to get going. Wedding stuff all day until about midnight. Wake up at 4:30 am, get ready, and drive two hours back to Boston to catch my flight at 8 am. Fly back home. Land at 11 am. Go to work the next day.

Sounds pretty stressful right? Kinsey is taking off on Thursday with the kids, her sister, and her mom. So she has to do the same, just a day earlier. We were getting everything all set up last night, and that’s when we noticed something was wrong. We found Kinsey’s ticket information along with the kids… but we could not find the email confirming our tickets. We searched my email, her email, everybody’s email, and nothing.

So we headed off to check the bank statement. The charge on our account should tell us when the email would have been sent, which she purchased about two months ago. Nothing. Then I see what I call the “Kinsey Face”. It’s the same face she made when we were supposed to visit my friend in Arizona and watch him play baseball. That time we found out the morning of. It was not fun.

Kinsey will go in to purchase things online, get to the final step, but forgets to finish. It happens with our pizza orders all the time, its happened with clothes, and it has now happened with our flights… twice! I’m not going to lie. I actually felt relief, because the traveling was stressing me out. She apologized, and I told her it was totally ok. I told her that maybe this was the way the world was telling us I did not need to go. She said she would look at flights and maybe we would get lucky… nope. Flights are super expensive now. Last second flights always are. She then turned to me and said, “I thought my pregnancy brain was gone!” The only thing I am sad about is that Cason and I had matching outfits, complete with bow ties, and we won’t be seen looking phresh together. Oh well!