HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHLOE! What a difference a year makes. I know it sounds cliche, but time seriously does fly by so fast. It’s different with a little girl. With Cason, I get excited as he gets bigger, because that’s my little man. I miss him as a little baby, but it’s not as devastating. How do I know this? Because last night I was sitting in our living room, once Chloe started winding down, listening to Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up”, as I held her in my arms. She is normally all over the place, but at this moment, she was just laying, staring into my eyes, and she smiled. As much as I hate to admit this, I started to cry. It had to do with everything: the song, her birthday, and the smile she gave me. It wasn’t ugly crying. Just tears. Half happy, half devastated. I just don’t want her to get bigger. It’s probably selfish of me, but this is the age where she needs me the most. Kinsey walked into the room, and in her Kinsey hilariousness asked, “why are you crying?!” I just looked up and smiled and said, “I have no idea.” Then she continued with, “and why are you listening to Taylor Swift?” Fair enough. haha. I just felt like that song completely captured what I was feeling. I will guarantee this… I will never forget that moment with Chloe. I am sure more moments will fill my brain in the future, but this is one of the first.

ninja-turtle-dune-buggyNow to the, “my bad” moment of the weekend. I had taken Cason to a daddy/son lunch and was heading home when my wife called. Kinsey needed some swim diapers and a sound machine. It was perfect timing, because I was about to pass a Babies R Us. So I pulled into the parking lot, and Cason and I headed inside. We needed three things… but when we got in there, Cason ran off to the toy section. It was one of those stores that is connected to a Toys R Us, and he found the motorized car section. I always wanted one for myself, and he was having so much fun on it, that I decided to order him one. It’s a cool Ninja Turtles off-road vehicle. I needed to get back on track, but that’s when it happened… I saw the PS4 by the video game section. Something pulled me, and next thing I know, I am buying a PS4, two controllers, and Madden. I was supposed to just grab something quick, spend a few bucks, and get home. I ended up buying a dune buggy, a PS4 (with accessories), and candy. I did remember to pick up the diapers, but totally forgot the sound machine. I ended up regretting it because I hate to spend that much money, and Kinsey doesn’t really understand how a trip out for some diapers turns into that… I told her it was my way of getting even for recording my angelic voice singing in the shower the other day.