We are back from our trip in Mexico… our last second trip to Mexico, and you know what? It was totally worth it. I tend to be extremely frugal with money, mostly because of how I grew up. Growing up with very little has always made me afraid of losing it all, so I save and save as much as I can. Unfortunately, my family was taken advantage of twice in the last three months. How? I don’t know. Good news is that you always get that money back eventually because we do have services that help protect us from this. But, I figured that if random people are willing to spend the money I spent years trying to save in a span of a few hours… I should learn to enjoy it. So I told Kinsey that if her mom could come up and watch the kids for a couple of days, I would get us the plane tickets. Boom! Kinsey had that on lock in less than half an hour, and we were set to take a trip with Big Al and Dr. Girlfriend.

jsi-blog-pic-052615This turned out to be an awesome trip! First night, we were hanging at Al’s bar and a couple walked up. We started talking with them; they told us that they lived in Michigan half the year, and in LA the rest of the year. Kinsey kept talking to them as I watched the basketball game, and after the guy’s girlfriend said something about baseball, Kinsey asked, “so, you play baseball?” I chuckled inside my head. Why? Because it’s baseball season right now, which means there is no way this guy plays baseball. It was the dude in me thinking, “look at my cute wife asking sports stuff!” Well, if it weren’t for that question, he wouldn’t have said, “no, I play football now.” That’s when everything came together, I looked at the guy, remembered he told me his name was “Golden”, and I blurted out, “wait! Golden… Golden Tate?” He looked at me with a smile, and sheepishly said, “yeah.”

See, I am a huge football fan. The lil boy in me comes out when I meet these guys, because they are doing what I wish I could still be doing. Then I brought up that my wife went to school with his old teammate Reggie Bush… and his girl says, “Oh, that’s who is meeting up with us! He’s coming with his lady!” We ended up going to a club with them, and made plans to hang out the next day.

The very next day, Big Al, some of Al’s friends, Kinsey, and I are going four wheeling with Reggie Bush and Golden Tate… only problem was that Reggie did not go because his girl was super pregnant and they would not let her ride. Dang. Still a cool experience though.

Kinsey and I got to sleep in, we relaxed on the beach, I took a nap next to Al and caught some sun, and there was zero drama! Then we came back to reality! Haha.

Here are two funnies from the trip though:

1. Kinsey was trying her hardest to speak Spanish, and when we checked in to the hotel, a pregnant lady helped us. Kinsey said, “tienes dos bebes?” (are there two babies?) while pointing at her belly. The lady looked a bit frazzled and said, “no, I only have one in there.” Kinsey turned bright red and said, “I was trying to ask if it was your second.” haha.

2. At Big Al’s bar, we all walked in, and Kinsey told me Al grabbed her and said, “Hey, can you get the employees names? Because I don’t really know their names.” Yup, Big Al not only does not know the names of people that work at our station, he also keeps that going with his own businesses as well! Good times!

3. We bought Cason a spider man lucha libre mask, and I naturally wore it down the main street. People started taking pictures of me, and some guy dressed at Captain Jack Sparrow came up to me, super angry, telling me that I was taking pictures in “his territory”. I had to point out that I was just a visitor wearing shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt.